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    La Pucelle: Tactics

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jan 31, 2002

    La Pucelle Tactics is a tactical role-playing game from the makers of Disgaea and Phantom Brave.

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    In La Pucelle, you play as a young lady (who hunts demons) named Prier who wishes to become a priestess. The game is a turn based strategy that also has a monster capturing element to it. Rather than captures them (in the good ol' Pokemon fashion) you actually have to purify them and convert them to your side.


    The story of La Pucelle takes place in a far away kingdom named Paprica. There in the church of the Holy maiden, in the city of a Feu are story begins. Prier and her younger brother have just joined the churches Demon Hunting group. There is a prophecy among the church that says that the Dark Prince will rise to raise chaos upon the land but a warrior Maiden will be the Champion of light and bring about his downfall. Prier has joined the church thinking that she will be that Maiden.


    The jovial caste of La Pucelle.

    • Prier: The heroine of this strange story. She joins the Church’s Demon Hunting squad in hope that she will become the Maiden of Light from the prophecy.
    • Culotte: The younger brother of Prier. He often acts more mature than his sister.
    • Alouette: Prier and Culotte’s instructor. She wandered into the Church of the Holy Maiden 2 years ago with no memory of her past. She possess great spiritual power which in turn enables her to quickly rise up with in the ranks of the Church.
    • Croix: He was once a freelance Demon Hunter but he has his suspicions about the Church and their True intentions. So he joins the team. He also suffers from amnesia.
    • Éclair: The Princess of Paprica.She is also a friend to Prier and Culotte She is next in line for the throne but the pressures put upon her make her rather unstable.
    • Dark Éclair: The seldom seen side of Princess Éclair.
    • Homard: The new leader of The Chocolat gang. He is out seeking revenge against a demon who injured his father.
    • Papillon: A petite fairy who follows Homrad around every where he goes. She has a very big crush on Homrad but he tends to flirt a lot with human girls. She harbors a deep resentment toward human females because of this.
    • Yattanya: The old leader of the Chocolat gang. He lost a duel to Homrad so he lost his position.
    • Chocolat Gang: A band of small, black cat people who consider themselves to be air Pirates.
    • Father Salade: He is the man who founded the Church of the Holy Maiden and the Demon Hunting squad.

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