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An Uncomfortable But Not Scary Experience

I call this game a horror experience as it certainly doesn't fit in the standard genre of survival horror. I enjoyed it quite a lot, although i certainly wouldn't pay any more than £10 for it (or your currency's equivalent).

The story is slowly revealed through the environment; with the main (only) gameplay mechanics being walking and searching furniture. I found myself spending only 30-40 minute periods with the game at a time; it certainly wasn't what i would call gripping. However, i recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror games for their atmosphere, the developers do some clever things with the way the world generates as you move/look around.

I played the game in the dark with a good set of headphones and as with all games of this type, i believe if you do not do so, the atmosphere and unnerving nature of the experience will be lost on you.

The visuals are quite pleasant, if not groundbreaking, but the artistic style certainly sets it apart from some of the blander alternatives available out there.

Hope this helps anyone on the fence.


(PSN ID: MosDefJam)

(Steam ID: doomguy2)

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