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    Let It Die

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 03, 2016

    A free-to-play souls-like ARPG with roguelike elements, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Gung-Ho Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.

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    Originally unveiled under the name Lily Bergamo, the game was then completely retooled and resurfaced as Let it Die. It was released on December 3rd, 2016 as part of an announcement during the PlayStation Experience. The game features music and sound design by composer Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame.


    Described as a "Survival Action game", Let it die plays similar to the Dark Souls series but with more randomized rooms in roguelike fashion and a strong focus on grinding and loot.

    Tower of Barbs

    As described by MOTHER BARBS in the Hater Arcade:

    "The Tower Barbs is located on the tiny 3.7 square mile island of South Tokyo. Legend has it, that this island was formed during the 'Earth Rage' tectonic disturbance of 2026. The tower stands 1,686 feet, the equivalent of a thirty-story building, with super high ceilings. Many say that the tower is actually growing with each passing year. Legend has it, that a great treasure lies at the top of the tower. As such, many brave people often attempt to climb the tower, to obtain those riches. However, none have managed to survive the Tower's horrific trials. And thus, the tower stands as a grim reminder of the many lives lost in search of this mythical treasure. I hope that you too, will enjoy your climb of the tower, and experience the many wonders that it has to offer."

    The main objective is to climb to the top of the Tower of Barbs, while taking on a number of enemies. In order to expedite the process, the Tower of Barbs has two elevators that the player can access. The first is accessible after the player reaches the power switch on any floor that is marked with an elevator on the map. They are only functional if the player has enough Kill Coins to pay the fee. The second elevator is for subscribers of the DH Express service. Below is a list of its several functions:


    Dispatched by the Sunflower Ceremony Company, they retrieve corpses as well as steal equipment. As they are very high level, it is recommended to avoid them until the player is ready. They will only appear once they are first encountered and if only too much time is spent in one area.


    It is called, the moving department store as it will move from place to place and only remain in the same location until the player quits the game. It is owned by Kommodore Suzuki's twin brother and usually contains rare materials for R&D.


    Each floor contains pages from either the "Tales From The Barbs" comic or "YB Catalog." There are also stamps to be collected that require the player to complete a small rhythm mini-game.

    Waiting Room

    The Waiting Room is a hub world where the player can interact with NPCs to unlock or purchase upgrades. Below is a list of its several functions:

    Vanishing Point

    Allows the player to return to the Hater Arcade and also heals them back to full health.

    Mingo Head

    Described as a Training Machine, it converts the experience gained in the Tower of Barbs into player levels. Each fighter archetype has a different set of stats and max level.

    Mushroom Club

    This is where the player can buy, sell or trade for Skill Decals. They work as temporary stat boosts that makes it easier and can change the way a fighter plays. There is also the option of buying Mushroom Stew which gives the player a premium decal.

    Fighter Freezer

    The rotating freezer that stores up to 10 fighters. They can be sent out on expeditions or kept to defend the Waiting Room while the player is in the Tower of Barbs.

    Item Storage

    Although the title describes the exact function this has in-game. The Item Storage also has a drop-off, where the player can pick up gifts received from a variety of services. The player can access items stored when in the Choku-Funsha as well.


    The Elevator serves as a primary function within the Tower of Barbs. Once the player has located a power switch on a floor that is marked with an Elevator. They may then use it, at the cost of Kill Coins, to return to any floor that they have unlocked. The higher the player is, the more it costs to travel. There is also a Luxury Elevator that is offered to players as part of the DH express service.


    As the player progresses through the Tower of Barbs, they may encounter blueprints. Bringing them to Choku-Funsha, allows for items to be researched and developed, as to be readily available for purchase whenever the player needs it. You can also sell anything you find while climbing the Tower of Barbs, for additional Kill Coins.

    Tokyo Death Metro

    Unlocked after reaching floor 4, the Tokyo Death Metro allows for competitive play and base building. See the full description below in the section with the same name.

    Uncle Prime

    Once every 24 hours, Uncle Death will bring the player a randomized loot box. This is part of his service, called "Uncle Prime".


    The Restroom works as a storage and hostage facility for Haters that captured during Raids.

    Vending Machine "Hernia"

    After the player clears floor 10, the vending machine will unlock. "Hernia" as it's called, will sell the player items that either heal or return them to the Waiting Room without the use of an Elevator.

    Hater Arcade

    The Hater Arcade is another hub world that allows the player to interact directly with more NPCs. Below is a list of its several functions:


    The Radio allows the player to change which station or individual song that plays in the Waiting Room. The furthest progressed into the Tower of Barbs, the more songs that unlock.

    Meijin Tips

    Anytime the player enters the Hater Arcade, Meijin will be turned to them. This signifies that he is ready to deliver a "Meijin Tip", which gives further insight into combat nuances that aren't fully described in the Underworld Rolodex.


    MOTHER BARBS is an information terminal that gives backstory to various elements of the Tower of Barbs. More vignettes are unlocked the further the player progresses.

    Naomi's Laptop

    The player can take on side quests by interacting with Naomi's Laptop. It will offer the player various tasks to complete, in exchange for materials, items or currency.

    DeathDrive 128

    The arcade machine where Uncle Death sits and changes into his various sunglasses. This will return the player to the Waiting Room of the Tower of Barbs.

    Tokyo Death Metro

    The Tokyo Death Metro serves as the Multiplayer functionality of Let it Die. Below is a list of its several functions:

    My Team

    Players are encouraged to join a team based on their region. The game then aggregates information of the player as they perform raids on rival teams.

    Waiting Room

    The Waiting Room may be upgraded via this menu. Allowing the player to place fighters to defend from Raids while the player is inside the Tower of Barbs. They can also purchase upgrades for their equipment and run defense simulations.


    Once a player has reached level 4 of the Tower of Barbs, they will be introduced to Raids via the Tokyo Death Metro terminal. This allows them to attack other player's Waiting Room while they are inside the Tower of Barbs, Giving the player, a chance to capture enemy fighters and to steal their saved currency. Individual performance is added to the Team total. Captured enemies will then be held in the player's Restroom and will siphon currency from them until they are rescued, had a ransom paid or the time expires. In the event, the enemy fighter will then be allowed to be recruited by the player.


    Anytime the player has had their Waiting Room invaded, a report will be made that breakdowns what occurred while the player was away.


    A network ranking system of individual and team performance regarding Raids performed using the Tokyo Death Metro.


    Uncle Death

    The guide and friend of the player as they traverse the Tower of Barbs. Uncle Death will return the player after they turn into a Hater after death. He also gives the player the, "Underworld Rolodex", which serves as a compendium and message inbox. For some reason, in the English version, instead of a professional voice actor, he is voiced by Jukka Hilden of the Finnish stunt group "the Dudesons".

    Kiwako Seto

    A representative of the Continue Insurance Company and also runs the Direct Hell Express.


    A professional gamer who frequents the Hater Arcade.


    An employee of the Hater Arcade.

    Captain Yotsuyama

    The head of Yotsuyama Enterprises gives the player a daily login bonus.

    Kommodore Suzuki

    The manager of the Choku-Funsha.

    Mushroom Magistrate

    The manager of the Mushroom Club.


    A railway employee who manages the Tokyo Death Metro terminal.

    Mingo Head

    The training machine located in the Waiting Room of the Tower of Barbs.

    Downloadable Content

    Death Medals

    Let it Die uses in game currency called, "Death Medals", which the player can purchase via the PlayStation Network. They can be used in-game as part of the, "Direct Hell" service. This allows the player to:

    • continue immediately after death called, "Continue Insurance"
    • exchange for "Kill Coins" to purchase in-game items
    • exchange for an increase in the slots for the players "Death Bag", or inventory
    • reduced time for Choku-funsha R&D of in-game items

    Direct Hell Express

    Although it is yet to be released, the Direct Hell Express is a subscription service for Let It Die. The player can purchase a renewable monthly pass that offers them an array of benefits. It is also possible to receive a day pass as a login bonus. Below is a list of benefits:

    • a limited decal every day as a login bonus
    • use of the royal elevator which doesn't require the use of Kill Coins to return to floors
    • an increase in the slots for the player's Death Bag, or inventory

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