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Gettin' smacked
Gettin' smacked

Let's Meow Meow is a traditional Japanese hentai adventure game. The game plays out like an interactive storybook, where the player occasionally has to choose between different dialogue options. The game is essentially a dating-sim where the player has six different lust interests to pursue and each provides their own ending to the game. In addition, once the player has seen the six endings where Ibuki falls in love and does The Deed with each of the girls, a seventh possible ending is unlocked, for a storyline where he spends time with each of the girls, leading to a final ending where all six of the girls choose to stay with him, essentially serving as an ecstatic Ibuki's personal animal-girl harem.


Ibuki Takao spends most of his free time taking care of the stray cats in the local park. Word of his good deed finally reaches the ears of the almighty Cat God which recognizes Ibuki's devotion to his children. To show Ibuki his gratitude, the Cat God grants him a single wish. Ibuki doesn't stop to think about it, he tells the Cat God that he wants: A cat-girl of course.

Ibuki receives a cat-girl of his very own to do with as he pleases, but in the process of transferring the cat-girl from the Cat Kingdom to our world, four extra animal-girls arrive with her (One other cat-girl, a dog-girl, a bunny-girl, and one who is actually just a robot designed to look like a cat-girl). With no other places to go, these extra thing-girls have no choice but to stay with Ibuki Takao until they can discover a way to return home. In addition, it isn't long before Nanami, a human girl from Ibuki's class who not-so-subtly has a crush on him, stops by to crash on his couch. With six girls staying in his home, all lusting after him, Ibuki finds himself having to make a choice to where his affections lie.



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A cat-girl maid.


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A bunny-girl and famous thief in the Rabbit Kingdom.


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A dog-girl police detective inexplicably wearing a Nazi uniform.


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A robot built to look and act like a cat-girl. Huh?

Nanami Aoba

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A human college student... who just happens to like wearing cat ears and a tail during sex


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A cat-girl shrine maiden from the Cat Kingdom.

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