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Lezard Valeth is a figure that appears in both the original Valkyrie Profile and its sequel, Valkyrie Profile 2:  Silmeria.  He is a powerful mage and necromancer, and an antagonist of the three Valkyries, Lenneth, Silmeria, and Hrist.  He was kicked out of the magical academy he attended for his pursuit of the necromantic arts.
Lezard's primary and most significant obsession is Lenneth.  His infatuation with the Valkyrie is like that of an exceptionally dangerous stalker.  He wants to claim her as his own, and using the powers of necromancy, is determined to do whatever it takes to make his dream a reality.  In the original Valkyrie Profile, Lezard lures Lenneth to his tower in order to take her soul and place it in a homunculus crafted out of an elven body.
In Valkyrie Profile 2, Lezard conceives a more drastic plan in which he travels back in time and alters the course of history by capturing the three Valkyrie sisters and merging them together into one Valkyrie.  However, his scheme is thwarted by the human princess Alicia and Silmeria's Einherjar.  As the final boss of Valkyrie Profile 2, Lezard is killed, and the three sisters are separated once more.

Radiata Stories

Lezard appears as a bonus boss in Radiata Stories in the optional post-game dungeon.  As in his appearances in the Valkyrie Profile series, he is obsessed with Lenneth, and is dismayed to be denied once again after his defeat.

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