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A flawed gem 0

We've all played them before. Those rare games that manage to be all of unique, challenging, funny, interesting, rewarding, and endearing, yet still have their glaring issues. You know, the flawed gems of the world. Little King's Story is a textbook example of such a product, as its clever gameplay mechanics and colorful presentation are frequently at odds with some middling design issues. Fortunately, the good far outweighs the bad, making Little King's Story a game that I can easily recommend ...

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It's Good To Be King 1

At first glance, it's probably easy for people to dismiss Little King's Story as a game for kids, with it's whimsical presentation and simple premise. Further inspection, though, will lead you into a surprisingly deep and challenging adventure that, despite a few minor quirks, is one of the most lengthy and satisfying on the Wii to date.Little King's Story begins with the young and timid boy Corobo finding a magical crown in the forest. Putting on the crown makes Corobo the King of all the land,...

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Little King's Story is surprisingly deep with addicting gameplay. 0

 Little King's Story is not just one of the best Wii games I've played, it's one of the best current gen games I've played aswell. I loved exploring the world, collecting loot, fighting monsters. The music was awesome, the visuals were great. Expanding the Kingdom felt great. The humor cracked me up. There was just so much to love about Little King's Story. I wasn't disappointed with anything about it. Little King's Story just reminded me of all the best parts of Pikmin, Zelda, Diablo and ...

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A Diamond In The Rough 0

 It doesn’t happen all that often, but now and then the Wii has gotten some truly exceptional original titles.  Little King’s Story is one of them.  Developed by some of the veterans responsible for hits like Harvest Moon, it has a hint of that game’s obsessive compulsive game design, mixed with the simple but fun strategy elements of Nintendo’s Pikmin series.  It’s all presented in a cute and charming graphical style, with music almost entirely from the catalogs of classical composers (which pr...

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Why? 0

   akonnick March 02, 2010 After about 3-4 hours, this game's flaws got the best of me. While there is some charm here, the braindead pathfinding of your party members, usually spotty Wii controls, and repetitive gameplay just don't add up to a fun game. While many would have you believe that the game is very open-ended, you are never deviating from what the developer wants you to do at that very moment. I spent half of my play time grinding towards the next unlock/class only to discover that al...

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A Tale of a King and his (many) Princess(es) 0

Riddle me this, readers... If I told you that this game was sort of a cross between Pikmin and MySims Kingdom, would you run away screaming, or read on in eager excitement? Those who have selected the latter are in for quite a treat. While the premise doesn't exactly look perfect on paper, the execution of this game was made elegantly and brilliantly. Little King's Story is truly a diamond in the rough, a masterful work of art lost in the sea of mediocre Wii titles. However, it isn't without a f...

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