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    The powerful wizard who saves the child Hero from bandits in Fable. As years pass, Maze acts as a father figure to the player in the quest for his family.

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    Maze is a character met by Hero of Oakvale (which was a little boy in this time) after the Oakvale Massacre. With the coming of this massacre, our little hero lost almost everything... his hometown was razed to the ground and his family and father were killed. Maze saves the hero's life and teleports him to The Guild, as well as being his challenger in the little Hero's final test. After this, Maze plays more of a minor role. 
    Later, he asks us to rescue a man known as The Archeologist, claiming that the Archeologist was his old friend and is in now rumored to be somewhere in Witchwood. The Hero does as Maze asks and finds the Archeologist, but this is much to the Archeologist's chagrin who tells the Hero that his secret encampment is now useless and that he is no longer safe. 
    Maze confesses through the Guild Seal that he's glad that Archeologist is safe. Despite this the Hero believes something strange was going on, the Hero could feel it, as the player could see this in Maze's troubled facial expression. Several quests later, after the battle on Witchwood Arena, The Hero was trying to free and rescue his mother. But he was captured by Jack of Blades, and imprisoned but the Hero escapes with his mother. Then Hero travels to Hook Coast to stop Jack of Blades from getting The Sword of Aeons but the Hero instead finds there... Maze. Maze seems to be surprised and somehow involved in something strange, because he says "You're alive!", but he continues to try to convincing the Hero that everything is alright. Then Jack of Blades comes and renders the Hero defenseless. As the Hero is bound with magic and can't move, Maze is asked by Jack of Blades to "finish the work". Maze agrees and says that it's almost over and it would be easier when the Hero is here. Jack of Blades gets the Septimal Key required to get the Sword of Aeons, and disappears. After this, the Hero fights Maze and fatally injures him. As he is dying, Maze's last words are that the Hero is perhaps strong enough to stop Jack, and he explains, why he betrayed the Guild: he feared the coming of his own death. 
    In Fable: The Lost Chapters we learn from The Oracle of Snowspire that Maze is very similar to the Hero. When Maze was young, he was almost killed by balverines in a massacre and that he (Maze) also lost his family. The Oracle explains that three persons came to save Maze: two heroes of Guild, and Jack of Blades himself. Those heroes and balverines were killed by Jack, and he eventually saved his life, but Maze had a curse - he was forced to serve him, or he would simply die. Maze hadn't a choice. So why did Maze in accordance with Jack (the Oakvale massacre commander) of Blade's request, rescued the Hero from his fate at the hands of the raiding bandits? Maze believed that the boy, when one day fully grown, could stop Jack and eventually save Maze's life. In The Lost Chapters we also can see in Maze's journal (while he tried to find the Avo's Tear) a note "I couldn't find the sword. I'll be always under His might...". He surely meant "His might" to be that of Jack of Blades.


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