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    Mega Man Battle Network 4

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Dec 12, 2003

    Megaman Battle Network 4 is the fourth installment of the Battle Network series, where once again, Lan Hikari and Megaman must save the world from destruction, this time, from outer space.

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    Like the previous Battle Network titles, Megaman Battle Network 4 it comes in two versions, Red Sun and Blue Moon. They have the same story, but differ in graphics and weapons (known as battlechips). It was released in 2004 in both Japan and the US.

    Just as in the previous Battle Network installments, you control both Lan Hikari and Megaman.exe. The game begins with a cut scene showing a large asteroid headed towards Earth. Scientists from all over the world, including Lan's father, have gathered to come up with a way to stop the asteroid. Meanwhile, Lan and MegaMan face various cyber-criminals, all working for some mysterious criminal syndicate named Nebula. As in the previous games, you fight different bosses, each with their own custom area, in either the real world or cyberspace. You also can enter many tournaments, that progressively get harder and harder. The game plays similarly to the other Battle Networks games, except for the inclusion of a soul system, which replaces the Style system from Battle Network 2 and 3. At the end of each tournament, you get to combine powers with the second place contestant. You can use these new powers in-battle as Mega Man. Each version has its own unique souls. These souls are reminiscent of the "Weapon Get" ability featured in the classic Mega Man series.

    The game also introduces Dark Chips, powerful, but destructive chips that taint the souls of its user to make them evil. in the game it is translated as having the ability activated when Mega Man is anxious (emotion, another new feature introduced in this game). when he becomes anxious, dark chips become available for use. if he chooses to use them, he gets an incredibly powerful attack, at the cost of one of his base health points and the conversion of his soul to darkness. he can be purified to the light side over time, or through the use of a program, but the HP loss is permanant.


    This game, like most of the Battle Network games, doesn't radically change the battle formula; this game still builds off of the previous game, in this case, Battle Network 3. However, Battle Network 4 would make several system changes that would be carried into Battle Network 5 and 6.

    Removed Features

    The Style Change would be removed in favor of Double Soul. Chip Add is also removed, meaning that the player must rely on Navi Customizer programs in order to extend MegaMan's chip selection.

    Emotion Window

    This feature displays MegaMan's emotional status. It starts at Normal; if he counters an enemy or performs a multi-hitting combo, it will change to Full Syncro, which doubles the damage of the next chip, in addition to exposing the window of opportunity that MegaMan has to counter the enemy. If MegaMan himself is countered, or takes an excessive amount of damage in a short time, it will change to Anger, which also doubles damage. If MegaMan takes five hits without landing any of his own, he becomes Anxious, which disables Double Soul and enables him to use DarkChips. Finally, if MegaMan did use a DarkChip, his status will change to Dark.

    DarkChip/Darkness System

    After a certain story event, should MegaMan enter Desperate Mode, two DarkChips will appear on the Custom Menu. These DarkChips offer immense power at an immense price; MegaMan loses 1 Max HP permanently, and begins to turn his Karma toward dark. In the short term, each DarkChip has a glitch that is attatched to it that MegaMan will suffer if he uses it.

    The aforementioned Karma (an invisible rating) affects MegaMan in several ways. In addition to changing MegaMan's palette as he approaches Light or Dark, each side as a set of chips that are exclusive to each other; Dark MegaMan cannot use chips such as the light-based Gun Del Sol, while Light MegaMan cannot use chips such as Static. In addition, Dark MegaMan can use DarkChips at any time, but cannot use Double Soul.

    Double Soul

    Double Soul allows MegaMan to combine with several Navis that he encounters during his tournament fights. Double Soul is activated by choosing a chip with a specific element and pressing the "Unite" button. Each Soul last for three turns before they wear off; once used, the specific Soul cannot be used again during the same battle. Each Soul changes MegaMan's Charge Shot, and supplies other support abilities. The game does not allow the Regular Chip to be used as a sacrifice, presumably to prevent players from having guaranteed access to a specific Soul on the first turn.


    In addition to the four regular Elements (Fire, Aqua, Elec, Wood), several new sub-elements are added (Recovery, Cracking, Evasion, Wind, Sword, Plus, Breaking, Obstacle). These new elements do not have any weaknesses attached to them. The NaviChip system has changed; instead of having V1, V2, and V3 chips, NaviChips now have a normal version, an SP version (whose damage is based on the time it takes the player to "S-Rank" the boss the chip is based on), and DS (which can only be used by Dark MegaMan).

    Custom Screen

    The maximum BattleChip selection has been reduced to eight.


    A new chip class known as Secret is added; these chips are obtained by receiving a friend's Navi Data and battling them in the Free Tournament. Also, the amount of chip code variants on a single chip has been reduced to three (as opposed to five plus wildcard code in previous games)


    Countering now stuns the target.

    Other Notes

    Enemy Navis have been made faster and more difficult in this game; instead of having exaggerated hit stun, their flinch time is reduced to mirror that of MegaMan.EXE's.

    Scenario Structure

    Unlike previous games, which used a fairly linear scenario structure, Mega Man Battle Network 4's single player mode consists of three tournaments, and requires at least three playthroughs to obtain 100% completion. Each tournament consists of three opponents from a pool of six Navis: one generic Normal/Heel Navi, one Navi that contributes a Soul to MegaMan, and one customized enemy Navi. Furthermore, the Double Soul Navis are distributed so that MegaMan battles three on the first playthough (the first of which is guaranteed to be either GutsMan or AquaMan), two on the second playthrough, and the final Navi on the third.

    Before each battle is a character-specific scenario. For example, FireMan's story follows the adventures of Mr. Match and a hotdog stand woman, while NumberMan's scenario sees MegaMan distributing fliers to potential customers. Universal scenarios also exist between each tournment, usually involving ShadeMan and/or the preliminaries for the subsequent tourney.

    If the player uploads their Navi data to a player that has the opposite version of the game, the Navi(s) that are uploaded will be added to the list of potential opponents in the latter player's game. However, the Double Souls that these Navis give are still version-exclusive.

    Below is a list of the tournaments and their potential opponents:

    Tournament NameVersion-NeutralRed SunBlue Moon
    Den (Red Sun)
    City (Blue Moon)
    HeelNavi / Tetsu
    NormalNavi / Yuko
    SparkMan / Terry
    TopMan / Tensuke
    GutsMan / Dex
    FireMan / Mr. Match
    AquaMan / Shuko
    NumberMan / Mr. Higsby
    Eagle (Red Sun)
    Hawk (Blue Moon)
    HeelNavi / Riki
    NormalNavi / Flave
    BurnMan / Atsuki
    VideoMan / Narcy
    Roll / Mayl
    WindMan / Lilly
    WoodMan / Sal
    MetalMan / Tamako
    Red Sun
    Blue Moon
    HeelNavi / Paulie
    NormalNavi / Jack
    KendoMan / Mr. Famous
    ColdMan / Ivan
    ThunderMan / Raoul
    SearchMan / Raika
    ProtoMan / Chaud
    JunkMan / None

    Giga Chips

    Blue Moon Chips

    Giga Chips exclusive to the Blue Moon version:

    • Blue Moon Ray
    • Signal Red
    • Forte Another/Bass Anly
    • Curse of Bug/BugCurse
    • Delta Ray Edge

    Red Sun Chips

    Giga Chips exclusive to the Red Sun version:

    • Meteor Red Sun
    • HolyDream
    • Forte/Bass
    • Bug Charge
    • Dark Barrier


    Each version has six Double Soul-capable Navis, adding up to twelve Souls in total. They are discussed in detail below.

    Aqua Soul

    This Aqua-based Soul is the first Soul that is made available to Blue Moon players. Aqua Soul gains access to a Bubble-based charge shot that is incredibly weak but has a near-instantaneous charge time. Additionally, MegaMan will not slip on Ice Panels, and all non-dimming Aqua chips can be charged for double damage. ("Dimming" chips refer to chips that pause player movement while they execute, such as Navi chips.)

    Fire Soul

    Defeating Mr. Match and FireMan in Red Sun unlocks this flame-elemental Soul. The charge shot changes to Fire Arm, a forward-firing jet of flame. Upon activating this soul, two plus-shaped patches of Grass Panels appear, allowing Fire Soul MegaMan to deal double damage with his flame attacks. Fire Soul can charge Fire Elemental chips to create an enhanced Fire Arm, and he can absorb Lava Panels to regain HP.

    Guts Soul

    Red Sun players receive their first Soul by defeating MegaMan's self-proclaimed rival GutsMan; players activate this Soul by sacrificing a Panel-Cracking chip. MegaMan gains access to GutsMan's signature Guts Punch technique, which can be used to either pound the enemy directly or throw obstacles into them. Additionally, all non-elemental chips gain a damage bonus, and MegaMan can make himself invincible with Guts Machine Gun by rapidly pressing the Buster button.

    Junk Soul

    By defeating JunkMan and sacrificing an Obstacle chip, a Blue Moon player can activate Junk Soul. All enemies become confused immediately after this Soul is initiated. Whenever the player revisits the Custom Screen, two chips that have already been used by the player are made available in the slots previously occupied by the "Unite" button. JunkMan does not have a traditional charge shot, but instead activates the Poltergeist Battlechip. Poltergeist pauses the action, then throws all of the field's obstacles into the opponent(s).

    Metal Soul

    Blue Moon players that defeat MetalMan and sacrifice an Armor-Breaking chip will trigger Metal Soul. The MegaBuster now breaks armor, and players can charge non-elemental chips to do the same while doubling their damage. MegaMan's charge shot changes to Metal Break, a short-range ground pound that deals heavy damage.

    Number Soul

    Sacrificing a damage modifier chip after defeating NumberMan in Blue Moon transforms MegaMan into Number Soul. Number Soul offers a modest 10-damage increase to non-elemental chips and restores Battle Network 3's ten-slot Custom Menu. MegaMan's charge buster is the Dice Bomb, a 3x3 exploding bomb whose damage depends on the result of the dice roll.

    Proto Soul

    Blue Moon players are rewarded with Proto Soul after once again besting Chaud. Sacrificing a Sword chip triggers the Soul, giving MegaMan a WideSword charge shot, the ability to Reflect incoming attacks, and the ability to charge Sword Battlechips. Charged chips deal double damage, and causes MegaMan to step two panels ahead before executing them.

    Roll Soul

    Defeating Lan's best friend Mayl in Red Sun gives access to Roll Soul; this soul is activated by sacrificing a Recovery chip. Every non-Recovery chip, regardless of its element or if it dims the screen, causes MegaMan to recover 10% of his Max HP upon activation. The charge shot becomes Roll Arrow, a slow-moving arrow that breaks any Battlechips that the opponent has loaded.

    Search Soul

    After defeating Raika, Red Sun players can enable Search Soul by sacrificing either the Invis chip or one of SearchMan's NaviChips. All instances of Invis are immediately cancelled upon entering Search Soul, and the Scope Gun charge shot locks onto the nearest enemy and performs five Invis-piercing shots. Additionally, a Shuffle button appears on the Custom Screen that sends any non-loaded chips to the Folder, shuffles the Folder, and returns an equal number of chips. Chips can be shuffled thrice.

    Thunder Soul

    Finishing Raoul's scenario in Red Sun unlocks the Elec-based Thunder Soul. All Elec and non-elemental chips stun the opponent, and MegaMan's charge shot becomes a ZapRing that paralyzes the enemy.

    Wind Soul

    Upon defeating WindMan, Red Sun players gain access to Wind Soul. Upon sacrificing a Wind chip, a NorthWind erases all Barriers and Auras. As a gust constantly pushes the opponent(s) to their front row, MegaMan can push them back with his AirShot MegaBuster, throw them to the back of their field with the Wind Racket charge shot, or use his 10HP damage increase on Wind attacks to quickly lower the enemy's health. Additionally, Wind Soul MegaMan is immune to all panel effects except Poison.

    Wood Soul

    MegaMan's and WoodMan's souls resonate upon defeating Sal in Blue Moon. Wood Soul MegaMan has Super Armor and is immune to paralysis, confusion, and blinding. The player's HP heals at an very fast rate on Grass panels, and Wood chips can absorb the attack power of other loaded chips. MegaMan's charge shot becomes a small tornado that hits multiple times.


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