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    Megan Reed

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The lead scientist working on augmentations at Sarif Industries and Adam Jensen's old flame.

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    Megan Reed is one of the main characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution despite the fact that she is killed after the game's opening level. Megan is a brilliant scientist who's made a brilliant breakthrough in her research but isn't too proud about how she got there. She's also Adam Jensen's love interest.

    During a terrorist attack against Sarif Industries, she saves Jensen by distracting one of the terrorists. She then sacrifices herself as said terrorist swiftly murders her with one of his augmented arms. It is revealed during the quest Motherly Ties that Megan dies due to the fact that her neck was snapped during the assault. During the autopsy, it was also revealed that her throat was caved in due to debris falling on it and that she was burned.


    • Female. Caucasian.
    • Birth location, Seattle.
    • Date of Birth, 1995.
    • 32 years old.
    • Moved to North California around 2009-2010.
    • Moved to France, 2012.
    • Graduated magna cum laude, Neurology & Psychology.
    • Return to United States, 2018.
    • Hired by Sarif Industries, 2020.
    • Genetic research.
    • Head of the science team, 2023.

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