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    Mr. Shank

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    Mr. Shank is the boss of the Lockdown Palace in Borderlands. He was married to Mad Moxxi and is a spokesman for Engorge, the male-enhancement product.

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    Mr. Shank appears as a boss in "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx," the third DLC expansion for Borderlands.  He runs the Lockdown Palace, a decaying prison located in the Sunken Sea region.
    In the game, Mr. Shank captures Athena in order to claim the bounty offered by the Crimson Lance.  In combat, he can use a teleport ability and a devastating melee attack.

    A former husband of Mad Moxxi, he is currently engaged in what is not-so-subtly hinted to be a homosexual relationship with his main henchman, Chaz.  One can only speculate as to whether this relationship was the cause or the result of his separation from Moxxi.
    He has a side operation as a spokesman for Engorge, a male-enhancement product advertised in the game via ECHO transmissions


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