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    General Knoxx

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    General Alphonso Knoxx is the titular character and primary antagonist from the Borderlands DLC The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

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    General Knoxx is a career soldier and high-ranking officer in the Crimson Lance who is sent to Pandora to deal with the actions of the four Vault Hunters and clean up the mess left by his predecessor, Commandant Steele. Perpetually tired-sounding and fed-up, he bears no personal animosity to the Vault Hunters, although he resents having to come to Pandora.  He spends much of his time dealing with the frustrating antics of the childlike Admiral of the Combined Fleet, to whom he reports. At the conclusion of the DLC, Knoxx is killed in direct combat with the Vault Hunters. In the subsequent DLC pack Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, Knoxx's corpse is robotized and reanimated by INAC, and he serves as not one, but two separate boss encounters before he is finally destroyed for good.
    His distaste for Mondays is well known. 



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