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    MX vs. ATV: Reflex

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Dec 01, 2009

    The MX vs. ATV series returns with new gameplay additions such as terrain deformation, dual stick control, a revamped trick system, and a wreck avoidance system.

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    MX vs. ATV Reflex uses the all new Reflex engine which allows for greater control over the riders movement. As usual, the left analog stick is used to steer, but now, the right analog stick is used to shift the riders weight allowing for more precise jumping and landing. For instance, pulling the right stick back just before a jump and then pushing it forward at the exact moment the bike is leaving the ground enables the rider to jump farther. Then, when about to land the right stick can be used to adjust the way the bike is landing, making it easier to make sharp turns or land tricks effectively. The right stick is also used to do tricks while in the air. When in the air, holding down the trick button and moving the right stick in specific directions will make the rider do tricks such as windmills and back flips.
    Another new feature the Reflex engine brings is the ability to make ruts in the ground where you are riding. This gives the terrain the potential to change over the course of many bikes riding in the same spot, and it also allows the player to see where it is the AI controlled riders are riding if they are having trouble with a certain part of the track. More than anything though, the ruts make the game feel and look more realistic than previous entries in the series. 


     MX vs. ATV contains motocross, supercross, omnicross, waypoint, and champion sport racing modes as well as a trick focused mode called freestyle, and a free roam mode.  Every race has three possible medals which are bronze, silver, and gold.


    Motocross is the basic motobike racing in off-road terrain. There are some variations on the simple lap race throughout the motocross series that include 1v1 racing as well as a mode where the player will start in last and have to finish the race in first after a set amount of laps. There are three different motocross series in motocareer: National Series 1 which contains four races, National Series 2 which contains four races, and National Series 3 which contains eight races. 


    Supercross is the indoor tighter style racing with sharper turns and jumps which require more precision than the regular motocross races. There are also some variations in the supercross mode other than normal races including an elimination mode in which the racer to finish last at the end of every lap gets eliminated until there is only one racer left. There are three supercross series in motocareer: Supercross Series 1 which contains four races, Supercross Series 2 which contains four races, and Supercross Series 3 which contains eight races.  


    Omnicross is similar to the regular motocross in that it takes place in open outdoor terrain, but is different because any vehicle can be chosen for the races. One of the variation races in omnicross is a type of checkpoint race where the rider that has the fastest times between multiple flag sets. There are three supercross series in motocareer: Omnicross Series 1 which contains four races, Omnicross Series 2 which contains four races, and Omnicross Series 3 which contains eight races. 


    Waypoint races are races that are simply a race to specific points instead of a lap race. There are two basic variations to the waypoint race. The first is a race against others to get to all the points before anyone else, and the second is a race against time in which time is added when crossing a waypoint. There are three supercross series in motocareer: Waypoint Series 1 which contains three races, Waypoint Series 2 which contains three races, and Waypoint Series 3 which contains four races. 

    Champion Sport 

    Champion Sport is the main series for the larger vehicles except for the last race in every series which is for only MX bikes and ATVs. Basic races are the main mode for champion sport but it also contains some variations of the special races in the other series. There are three champion sport series in motocareer: Champion Sport Track S1 which contains three races, Champion Sport Track S2 which contains three races, and Champion Sport Track S3 which contains six races. 


    Freestyle is the series that focuses entirely on tricks. The tricks you do are rated in four different ways and you then receive an overall score at the end to determine your placement in the series. The four ratings are difficulty, flow, variety, and execution. Difficulty is how deter minded by how many trick combos you can string together and whether those tricks are difficult or easy. Flow is determined by how well you use the entire course. Using all the ramps instead of just one or two is a good way to score the maximum amount of points for each trick. Variety is simply determined by whether or not you repeat the same tricks in a run. Finally, Execution is determined by whether or not you are wrecking, as well as how clean you are landing. Wrecking often and getting shaky landings can greatly hurt an overall score. There are three freestyle series in motocareer: Freestyle Series 1 which contains three events, Freestyle Series 2 which contains three events, and Freestyle Series 3 which contains five events. 

    Free Ride 

    Free ride open world race series that gives the player a gaint area to explore as well as do specified tasks. There is only one free ride series that contains three events, and in each even there are four different goals to complete. In each area there is a checkpoint race, a target hitting race, a mountain climb, and certain number of flags to collect. 

    Rides and Riders

    There are seven different types of rides in the game and each has many different vehicles to buy and customize. Vehicles and customization options are purchases with money earned from completing races. 

    MX Lite 

    MX Lite is the slower less powerful MX bike. There are ten MX Lite bikes: 
    • Blaze 125s
    • Blaze 250F
    • Dakumoto 125
    • Dakumoto 250
    • KTM 125 SX
    • KTM 250 SX-F
    • Shima 125R
    • Shima 250F
    • Takashi 125R
    • Takashi 250F


    MX is the faster more powerful MX bike. There are ten MX bikes: 
    • Blaze 250R
    • Blaze 450F
    • Dakumoto 250S
    • Dakumoto 450F
    • KTM 250 SX
    • KTM 450 SX-F
    • Shima 250R
    • Shima 450F
    • Takashi 250R
    • Takashi 450F


    ATVs are slower than bikes but easier to control and harder to wreck. There are nine ATVs: 
    • Blaze 450
    • Burst 450FX
    • Dakumoto 400
    • Dakumoto 450
    • KTM 450 SX
    • Raven 450S
    • Shima 450
    • Striker 450
    • Takashi 450R


    UTVs are faster and more powerful than ATVs but significantly slower and weaker than the buggies and trucks. There are twelve UTVs: 
    • Black Rhino
    • Blaze Riot650, Fade
    • Blaze Riot650, Lines
    • Blaze Riot650, Rainbow
    • Blaze Riot650, Tear
    • Blaze Riot650, Vivid
    • Dragon Fire
    • Raven CLAW, Camo
    • Raven CLAW, Flame
    • Raven CLAW, Flare
    • Raven CLAW, Rainbow
    • Raven CLAW, Stripe

    Sport Truck

    Sport trucks are a little bit slower and less powerful than buggies and sport 2 trucks but are very balanced. There are ten sport trucks: 
    • Burst 200 Curves
    • Burst 200, 3Tone
    • Burst 200, Arch
    • Burst 200, Scallop
    • Burst 200, Stock
    • Dakumoto GTG 200, Sway
    • Dakumoto GTG 200, Line
    • Dakumoto GTG 200, Rainbow
    • Dakumoto GTG 200, Splat
    • Dakumoto GTG 200, Wave

    Sport Buggy 

    Sport buggies are fast and easier to steer than sports trucks. There are ten sport buggies: 
    • Burst XL 1600, Rainbow
    • Burst XL 1600, Step
    • Burst XL 1600, Stripe
    • Burst XL 1600, Swirl
    • Burst XL 1600, Wave
    • Striker Impact, Angle
    • Striker Impact, Flame
    • Striker Impact, Rainbow
    • Striker Impact, Stripe
    • Striker Impact, Tick

    Sport 2 Truck 

    Sport 2 Trucks are the fastest and most powerful vehicles in the game. There are ten sport 2 trucks: 
    • Burst 600, Circle
    • Burst 600, Fade
    • Burst 600, Lines
    • Burst 600, Rainbow
    • Burst 600, Swoosh
    • Dakumoto Spark 4x2, Flames
    • Dakumoto Spark 4x2, Halftone
    • Dakumoto Spark 4x2, Rainbow
    • Dakumoto Spark 4x2, Stripes
    • Dakumoto Spark 4x2, Tear


    Other than the players rider there are five riders in the game: 
    • James Stewart
    • Jeremy McGrath
    • Josh Grant
    • Ricky Carmichael
    • Ryan Villopoto

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