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    Pure is an offroad racing game from the creators of the ATV Offroad Fury and MotoGP series. The game puts an emphasis on performing tricks and customizing ATVs with special parts.

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    Pure was announced on February 14, 2008 as an off-road ATV racing game from Black Rock Studio (previously known as Climax Racing), the developer of MotoGP and ATV Offroad Fury. Published by Disney Interactive, Pure was released in North America on September 16, 2008 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game's main features are the tricks, where progressively harder tricks can be performed, and the customizable ATVs (Black Rock claims that there are over 100,000 different vehicle combinations).

    There was a generally positive critical reception for Pure. When it was showcased at E3 2008, Pure won the Best Racing Game of E3 2008 from Official Xbox Magazine, Best Driving Game from Game Trailers, and Best Racing Game (Xbox 360) from IGN. Upon its release, it garnered positive reviews, with an 84% (PC), 85.4% (Xbox 360), and 82.6% (PlayStation 3) average on Game Rankings. Critics praised Pure's intuitive controls and trick system, graphics, and style, but criticized it for a general lack of depth.

    On Thursday, September 4, 2008, a demo for Pure was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The demo includes Mount Garda track, located in Italy; one of 35 tracks in the full game. The demo also includes a tutorial and test track to get the player accustomed to the game. The demo is 1.31 gigabytes. The demo was finally released in Asia on the 27th of May, 2009


    Tricks can be performed with various button combinations.
    Tricks can be performed with various button combinations.

    Pure's gameplay is mostly centered around the usage of tricks and preloading. By quickly flicking the control stick down and then up right as going off of a jump, the player can do tricks by pressing a button and holding a direction on the control stick. At first, only the lowest tier tricks are unlocked, but as the race progresses and more boost is gained through the performance of tricks, more tricks (including long and breathtaking Special Tricks) are unlocked. However, if the same trick is performed repeatedly, then it is ranked as "Lame" or "Stale," rather than "Fresh," and less boost is gained.

    There are three types of events in the single player campaign of Pure. These three events are done over the course of the World Tour, which is ten different stages with varying amounts of events. As the World Tour progresses, more Special Tricks, parts, riders, and stages are unlocked for other modes in the game. In addition, the computer controlled riders become progressively difficult throughout all modes of the game.

    Sprint type events are the shortest. They, by default, consist of five short laps around a generally circular course, with few obstacles and jumps (typically one obstacle). Only later in the World Tour do the stages begin having shortcuts, and taking these shortcuts becomes key to winning the race.

    Freestyle events are focused around performing tricks to gain more points. In addition, this event adds a gas meter, and if that runs out then the event is over. This event has a variety of power ups spread throughout the stage. These power ups consist of doubled points, extra gas, extra boost, and Special Tricks. The more tricks that are pulled, the higher the combo becomes, with each trick adding another multiplier to the combo. This makes it very possible to have incredibly high combos, even reaching the millions.

    Vehicle creation in Pure.
    Vehicle creation in Pure.

    Race events are a typical race, and the longest of the three events. They have three laps that consist of sharp turns, vertigo jumps (jumps on which Special Tricks can be performed), and many other jumps as well. Race events also have many shortcuts, making it possible to stay far in first even later in the World Tour.

    As the World Tour progresses, more and more parts are unlocked for the ATVs. Engines are unlocked, starting at a D-rank engine, and ending at an A-rank engine. Vehicles can be customized in just about everything, from each particular internal part, to the external body. Color can be chosen as well. However, it is also possible to create a car based on the best stats by choosing "Quick Build Race" or "Quick Build Freestyle."


    There is a multiplayer mode which allows for up to 16 players across the three available events, as well as a few extra modes. Unlike the World Tour, there is no requirement to have a certain type of engine, making players who haven't unlocked an A-rank engine at a large disadvantage. There is also a Championship that is available, in which players do several predetermined events, although the Championship is only available in Player Matches (and not Ranked).

    The last mode available online that is unique to the multiplayer is Free Ride. In Free Ride, players can view particular records for each stage, and then compete to defeat those. Therefore, Free Ride is more like a time trial mode than a multiplayer mode, as the player is not directly competing with somebody on the track.


    Pure contains a variety of licensed rock and electronic tracks, chosen to fit with the action of the game as best as possible. A partial track listing has been released, although portions of the soundtrack remain unknown.

    • The Answer - "Into the Gutter"
    • Fred Baker - "Genius Touch"
    • Jeff Beck - "Grease Monkey"
    • Calyx & Teebee -" Dual Processed" Featuring MC Verse
    • The Datsuns - "Maximum Heartbreak" and "Sittin' Pretty"
    • Diet Kong - "With Magic"
    • Adam Freeland - "Spin Machine"
    • The Futureheads - "Beginning of the Twist"
    • DJ Hyper - "We Control"
    • Midfield General - "On the Road"
    • The Music - "Strength in Numbers"
    • My Luminaries - "The Sound of Music"
    • Noise Control - "Cities of Dreams' and 'Mud Bath"
    • Pendulum - "Granite' and 'Showdown"
    • Pop Levi - "Wannamama"
    • Qemists - "Drop Audio' and 'Stomp Box"
    • The Radishes - "Good Machine"
    • Silvertone - "Try"
    • The Subways - "Rock and Roll Queen"
    • Tapeworm - "Getting Through"
    • The Whigs - "Need You Need You"
    • Zero DB - "Late in the Day' and 'Redline"
    • Wolfmother - "Woman"
    • We Are Scientists - "Inaction"
    • Blindside - "For the Nation"

    Bundle with Lego Batman for the Xbox 360

    Following 2008's holiday bundle of Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda, the Xbox 360 Pro model was bundled with Lego Batman and Pure during the 2009 holiday season at no additional cost.

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Pure requires 4.4GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.


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