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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 16, 2008

    Pure is an offroad racing game from the creators of the ATV Offroad Fury and MotoGP series. The game puts an emphasis on performing tricks and customizing ATVs with special parts.

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    Just pure fun 0

    Most ATV series' have all been pretty bad. They would be good in the graphics department bad gameplay, poor controls, and repetitive events. Pure is here to change all of that with it's frantic gameplay, varied maps, sharp controls, and absolutely stunning graphics. All this title really fails in is the re-play value factor, which I'll touch on in a little bit.Like I've already said, the gameplay is fast and frantic. I've yet to experience any frame-rate drops while playing, I do, though have so...

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    Pure caters to lovers of speed and over-the-top tricks. 3

    ProsThe game looks amazing from the racers to the environment. Tricks are fun to watch, great sense of speed reminiscent to Burnout. Online play for up to 16 people. Simple control scheme that works well. ConsWould have been nice with more modes. AI is frustrating to deal with, seems like it's based a bit with rubber-band mechanics World Tour Mode is a bit too short. Gameplay can be condensed into a comparison of Burnout and SSX. Pure has a great sense of speed (similar to Burnout) with a wide...

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    Pure is entertaining but not long lasting. 0

    Pure is a new ATV racing game by Blackrock Studios and Disney…. Yes I know what you’re thinking. Disney doesn’t make good games, but you would be wrong in this case. Pure takes the ATV racing genera and SSX’s its up. Big speed and huge air is the name of the game and you will have plenty of chances to experience both.             Pure has an interesting new twist on customizing your vehicles in that you create your ATV from scratch. That’s right you don’t get a pre-made model then add some perf...

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    Awesome...for an hour 0

    I was really looking forward to the release of Pure, but after a few hours of playing the game I became a bit disappointed. The game looks great and the actual racing, pulling tricks and upgrading bikes is quite fun...but it doesn't last. The main mode of the game doesn't really offer much in the way of variety and after you've done one or two events there is nothing new for the rest of the game. Perhaps a sequel may improve on the shortcomings of this one. Overall 3/5, great gameplay but lackin...

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    Mix ATV's with SSX tricky then you get something awsome Read More 0

    I haven't ever been an ATV game fan or MX fan or anything like that in fact I pretty much loathed the MX vs ATV series but when you mix SSX style with insane crazy looking ATV's you basically get something that looks....awsome.So there is no story and I basically start out with a story line basis in every review and this being a racing games of sorts it dosen't have a story, instead Pure has a world tour mode like you see in most racing games like this with different stages that require a certai...

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    Pure is an insane experience that you will love! 0

    Pure is a ATV, off road, trick based, racing game that is set in lush and beautiful landscapes. It uses huge ramps to pull those big and crazy tricks and brings its own competitive edge to the races with 16 player online and offline modes. The gameplay is Pure's main strength which it utilitizes by an effective and user friendly trick system. This scheme only allows you to pull off the basic tricks at first by pressing the A button and a direction on the analogue stick or D-pad but as you do mor...

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    ATV'S + SSX TRICKY = BRILLIANT MINDLESS SPEED FUN!When you think of mindless racing fun, ATV's might not be the first form of vehicle to come to your head. But they prove to be more then just a bit of fun in Disney Interactive Studios and Black Rock Studios newest ATV title PURE hitting XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. The best way to describe PURE is to do a little maths, think the classic SSX Tricky meets ATV's and you have PURE. But that's not to say PURE doesn't have any depth of interest, it's ATV Bui...

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    ATV Racing....Could Be Worse 0

    It sure took a while for an ATV game to get it right, eh? Pure isn’t quite what I was looking for in a racing game, but 2008 was kind of a slow year for good racing games in general. 2009 should be better, but Pure’s accessibility is a nice diversion. I’ll credit it with feeling very different from the other off-road racers. I finished Untamed this year and that is a perfect contrast to this. Where Untamed did many types of racing veiled in mediocrity, Pure kind of gives a shot of adrenaline in...

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    Almost Purely Beutiful... 0

    Before i bought Pure, i read a lot about it, and looked quite far into it, it seemed to catch my interest almost at an instant, with the look of intense racing, i thought i could have finally found my favourite off- road racer. (Not saying DiRT is bad). So then after i bought it for a reasnable price from my local GAME store, i rushed back home to check it out. After the first few races, i thought this wa an amazing games, that looks beautiful. But then came the worst, after about 3 or 4 stages,...

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    Puresome 0

    I had been exited about this game for a long time. When I first saw it at E3 2008 I couldn't wait. Finally las week I brought it from GAME. It was insane, for an hour.First up on the menu (after you've completed the tutorial) is the Pure World Tour. This is a tour similar to Burnout games such as Takedown and Revenge. This is a grind through multiple races, sprints and freestyle events, split up into seven different tiers, consisting of 6 events in each. It is all to easy to work your way throug...

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    Pure adrenaline! 0

     Pure is a game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Disney Interactive Studios. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that you didn't know Disney was out out there actually publishing good games, but this time it's actually true. Pure is good indeed, not just good, this game is awesome. Between the time spent releasing a High School Musical game or whatever other cash-in release for the DS or the Wii, they've actually managed to do something right.Pure is a racing game with an...

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    Beautifully created game 0

                  Pure, a ATV off-road racing game is here, does it show us that it is a supreme racing game or does this crash miserably.              Positive: Extraordinary visualsBeautiful detailed environments Great amount of races and tracksOnline abilityOver 100,000 customizations to your own vehicleCool and Fancy tricks to pull offGreat narratorWell selected musicDifferent types of events           Negative: No free roamAfter crashing takes a little longer than needed to get back up         ...

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    Pure provides a great adrenalin rush in small doses 0

    Welcome to the Pure world circuit, an ATV racing event set on a world where the laws of gravity are tossed to the wayside allowing riders to soar over magnificent vistas and land truly impossible and breathtaking stunts. When you think of your typical ATV dirt bike racing game you would usually conjure the image of faceless riders tearing up a muddy track perhaps in a stadium with a few jumps here and there. Disney’s Pure for the Xbox 360 and PS3 throws this tired image out the window and drops ...

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