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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 20, 2008

    N+ is a challenging 2D platformer based off of the flash-based PC game. The goal is to get to the door as quickly as possible while collecting gold (time) and avoiding certain objects and enemies.

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    N+ is a console port of a popular platforming flash game originally developed by Metanet Software. The XBLA version was done by Slick Entertainment (with assistance from Klei Entertainment), and published by Metanet; the DS and PSP versions were handled by SilverBirch Studios and published by Atari SA. In N+, the player controls a stick figure ninja that must reach a doorway within a certain amount of time with acrobatics such as wall jumping. Many different enemies and obstacles scatter the levels, making many levels a labyrinth.

    Single Player

    Death, something you will experience a lot while playing N+
    Death, something you will experience a lot while playing N+

    This mode is composed of 50 episodes you must beat within a time limit that can be increased by picking up gold. Although the single player is rather linear, you can start up at any time from various episodes in intervals of five. Each episode has 5 levels starting at 0 and going up to 4. To complete a level, you must pass through a door which may have to be activated by a switch while avoiding obstacles that can instantly kill you such as mines that explode on impact, homing rocket launchers, and blue robot-fish that go in a set path that will electrocute you if touched. The game is known for its high difficulty level and it can be very frustrating.


    N+ comes with over 300 levels and the ease of use found in the level creator encourages user submitted content.

    There are extra levels available though DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Multiplayer Modes

    N+ Multiplayer supports of up to four players each from different consoles.

    Race Mode

    A mode in which the host picks a single player episode and all participants have to reach the end with the most time remaining.

    Survival Mode

    A mode in which players are put into a survival episode, which has a lot of turrets etc. trying to kill them. Each time you are killed, you lose time. You can pick up golden orbs to increase your time, but they are usually placed in risky areas or hard to get to. The person who runs out of time last wins.

    Co-op (MP Campaign)

    A co-op level of N+
    A co-op level of N+

    2-4 players take part in levels which force the players to work together in order to pass them. There are 10 Co-op episodes in total.


    2-4 players work through the single player episodes together.

    PSP & DS Versions

    These versions were developed by Silverbirch Entertainment under supervision by Metanet. They contain much of the same content found in the console version. Both of the versions support user created levels as DLC. The handheld versions also include an option to turn on "plus" mode, which gives the game more detailed backgrounds, although you still have the option to use the more simple look seen in other versions. Plus mode does not have any affect on gameplay.

    Level Editor

    A user created level
    A user created level

    One of the most prominent features of N+ is the in-game level editor. In the level editor, You can create a level with almost any angle of blocks and then add mines, gold, doors, and enemies. Users can then release their levels to other players around the world to play and compete for the top score.


    • Level Pack #1: Includes 150 single player and 50 multiplayer co-op maps. These maps are easier but do get more difficult as you progress through the sets.
    • Level Pack #2: Includes 150 single player, 50 multiplayer race, and 25 multiplayer survival maps. These maps start hard and only get more difficult.
    • Level Pack #3: Includes 150 single player, 50 multiplayer co-op, and 50 multiplayer race maps. These maps start at medium difficulty.

    Level packs 1 and 2 cost 200 Microsoft Points and level pack 3 is free.


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