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    Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 23, 2007

    The Naruto: Clash of Ninja series rushes its way onto the Wii for the first time with Clash of Ninja Revolution.

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    Character Roster

    • Naruto Uzumaki
    • Sakura Haruno
    • Ino Yamanaka
    • Tenten
    • Sasuke Uchiha
    • Might Guy
    • Rock Lee
    • Hinata Hyuga
    • Neji Hyuga
    • Shikamaru Nara
    • Shino Aburame
    • Tsunade
    • Jiraiya
    • Itatchi Uchiha
    • Gaara
    • Temari
    • Orochimaru
    • Kisame Hoshigaki
    • Kankuro

    Game Modes

    Single Player

    • Single Player - Play against 10 CPU opponents in a row.
    • Versus CPU - Fight against a CPU character of your choice.
    • Survival - Get as many wins in a row as you can.
    • Time Attack - See how fast you can defeat the CPU opponents.

    Multi Player

    • 2 Player - 2 Players compete against CPU controlled opponents.
    • 2 Player Versus - Fight against another human player.
    • 4 Player Versus - Fight with 3 of your friends. Teams can be selected in this mode.

    Mission Mode

    There are 23.5 missions based on the Naruto anime.
    • Mission 1: Ninja Basics! Training with Jiraiya. (Naruto vs Jiraiya)
    • Mission 2: Ultimate Defense! 8 triagrams palm rotation. (Tenten vs Neji)
    • Mission 3: Sibling Clash! (Gaara vs Temari and Kankuro)
    • Mission 4: Taijutsu Workout! Sasuke's training! (Kakashi vs Sasuke)
    • Mission 5: A failure's true power! (Neji vs Naruto)
    • Mission 6: Zero motivation: The guy with cloud envy. (Shikamaru vs Temari)
    • Mission 7: Dancing leaf squirming sand. (Sasuke vs Gaara)
    • Mission 8: Sasuke's Desperate Battle. (Sasuke vs Temari)
    • Mission 9: Pushed to the edge... (Sasuke vs Gaara)
    • Mission 10: I'll protect Sakura! (Naruto vs Gaara)
    • Mission 11: Sharingan vs Sharingan (Itachi vs Kakashi)
    • Mission 12: Roar, Chidori! Vrother vs Brother! (Sasuke vs Itachi)
    • Mission 13: Naruto's Fury! The battle against the Akatsuki! (Jiraiya and Naruto vs Itachi and Kisame)
    • Mission 13.5: The Ultimate Dynamic Entry! (Guy vs Naruto)
    • Mission 14: Dangerous Deal. (Orochimaru vs Tsunade)
    • Mission 15: An explosion of anger! The unfogivable! (Tsunade vs Naruto)
    • Mission 16: Settling the Score! Jiraiya vs Orochimaru. (Jiraiya vs Orochimaru)
    • Mission 17: Finish it! The spirit of Rasengan! (Naruto vs Orochimaru)
    • Mission 18:Tsunade risks her life! (Tsunade and Naruto vs Orochimaru)
    • Mission 19: Fianl battle! A 3-way deadlock. (Jiraiya and Tsunade vs Orochimaru)
    • Mission 20: Clash of rivals! - Lee vs Neji. (Rock Lee vs Neji)
    • Mission 21: Clash of rivals! - Naruto vs Sasuke (Naruto vs Sasuke)
    • Mission 22: Rematch - Sasuke vs Itachi (Sasuke vs Itachi)
    • Mission 23: Gotta see! Gotta know! Kakashi-sensei's true face! (Naruto and Sakura and Sasuke vs Kakashi)


    In training mode you can control how the CPU acts and see your combos as you preform them.

    Watch Mode

    Watch two CPUs duke it out.

    Mini Games

    If for some reason you want to stop playing the fighting parts of the game you can play a mini game.


    In the extras mode you can use a sound player, view information on the characters with the Ninja Info Cards, examine items with the viewer, view rankings in all the other modes, and a movie player.


    The arenas in Clash of ninja Revolution feature crates and rocks that can be used as cover and also can be destroyed. There are eight arenas:
    • Hidden Sand Village
    • Hidden Leaf Village
    • Third Training Field
    • Leaf Forest
    • Tanzaku Castle
    • Chunin Exams Finals
    • 3-Way Deadlock
    • Nine Tailed Fox Room

    There are also areas within each stage that when hit hard enough will cause the person getting hit to be thrown into a new area.

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