NBA 2K6

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    NBA 2K6 is the seventh installment of the NBA 2K series of realistic basketball games, updating the roster to the 2005/2006 NBA season while adding new control mechanics.

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    NBA 2K6 is a realistic basketball game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 on September 26, 2005. The seventh installment of the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K6 covers a customizable 2005/2006 NBA season while adding new control mechanics (such as the "Shot Stick" shooting system, new defensive controls, and a method to command teammates), and a re-invented "24/7" mode (titled "24/7: Road to the EBC"), where players follow a NBA player's career to the Entertainer's Basketball Classic tournament (allowing them to take on high-profile basketball players and celebrities such as Method Man and Flavor Flav).

    The game was later published for the Xbox 360 on November 16, 2005 as a launch title for the seventh-generation console.

    The cover athlete of NBA 2K6 is Shaquille O'Neal of the Miami Heat, who remains the cover athlete until NBA 2K8.


    The gameplay of NBA 2K6 is split into two primary modes, dubbed "24/7: Road to the EBC" and "The Association".

    In 24/7, players follow the career of an NBA player as they work their way up to the Entertainer's Basketball Classic. Once there, they have a chance to take on high-profile basketball players and celebrities such as Method Man and Flavor Flav. In The Association, players create a custom franchise and manage coaches, players, and workout routines as they progress through an NBA season.

    Playing a game in any mode nets the player "crib credits", which can be used to purchase items such as furniture and decorations for their virtual residence. Additionally, 2K's V.I.P. System allows players to access and compete against the saved profiles of friends.

    Music in the Game

    • Aceyalone — "Doing My Job"
    • Aesop Rock — "Junkyard"
    • Afu Ra —"God of Rap"
    • Big J — "Show"
    • Blackalicious — "Excellent"
    • Catalyst 01 — "Crossover"
    • Common — "The Movement"
    • Cybrid — "Selectro"
    • Disco D — "6 am Funk, Work That"
    • DJ Godfather — "Player Haters in Dis House"
    • DJ Godfather — "Rodeo"
    • DJ Godfather — "Chopper"
    • DJ Godfather — "First Contact"
    • DJ Godfather — "Rock It Don't Stop"
    • DJ Spooky — "Metaverse"
    • Ghostface — "Milk 'Em"
    • Hieroglyphics — "What I won't say"
    • I Am — "Turn it Up"
    • Jean Grae — "The Jam"
    • Johaz — "NBA"
    • Little Brother — "Caroline Agents"
    • Lyrics Born — "Big Player Talk"
    • Meat Beat Manifesto — "Wild"
    • MED — "What U In It For"
    • Oh No — "The Ride"
    • Oh No — "Chump"
    • Oh No — "On My Way"
    • Polar — "Sur"
    • RJD2 — "Schoolyard Scrimmage Intro"
    • RJD2 — "Schoolyard Scrimmage Outro"
    • Romanowski — "Romanowski's Third"
    • The Roots — "See It"
    • Rudy — "Game Time"
    • Bassbin Recordings Ltd. — "Seba & Paradox"
    • Sonic Trip — "Bring it Back"
    • Sonic Trip — "Fresh"
    • Sonic Trip — "Mmm Good"
    • Sonic Trip — "Ragga Fourteen"
    • Tommie Sunshine — "And Them"
    • Zion I — "Ride"

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