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    NFL Blitz '99

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 28, 1998

    The second arcade installment of NFL Blitz added support for up to four players, additional plays, and 1998 NFL rosters.

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    The second game in the NFL Blitz franchise was released exclusively in arcades in 1998 and features NFL rosters for the 1999 season. Though conversion kits allowed for two-player configurations based on upgrading an original NFL Blitz cabinet, Blitz '99 is the first game in the series to allow up to four players to play simultaneously. New plays, as well as the ability to create plays and assign them to a personal player profile are additional new features.

    Operators can also opt to install a Nintendo 64 controller pak reader on the side of a Blitz '99 cabinet. Plays created on the N64 version of the original Blitz home release can be transferred into the game in this fashion. A small metal door opens when the pak reading process is triggered, keeping the contacts covered and, ideally, free from gum and other foreign substances that arcade attending miscreants may attempt to force into the slot.

    Like the original game, Blitz '99 is a fast-moving, arcade-style football game that takes numerous liberties with the rules of football, such as lengthening the distance required for a first down and allowing "late hits," which appear in the form of various post-play tackles and wrestling maneuvers. As in many of Midway's other arcade sports titles, the action is commentated by Tim Kitzrow.


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