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Niffelheim is a 2D-sidescrolling action-adventure and crafting game developed by the Russian independent studio Ellada Games. The game, inspired by Norse mythology, puts the player in the role of a fallen warrior whose soul is trapped by demons in the land of Niffelheim in order to retrieve an ancient artifact for them. Niffelheim was released as an Early Access game in Steam and its currently under development; its final release date is to be confirmed.


The player have to explore the hand-drawn world (which is randomly generated for every single game) in order to gain experience to level up the character following a RPG-like skill tree, as well as gather resources to craft gear and forge weapons. In the player's journey through the surface and underworld of Niffelheim, he will have to fight against mythological beasts and monsters and build castles and fortress to stand against assaults and attacks. There is also multiplayer features, either cooperative PvE (Player Versus Environment) or competitive PvP (Player Versus Player).


Niffelheim is inspired by Norse and Viking mythology, although not directly settled into it. In Norse legends, Nifelheim (with a single 'f') is a realm of primordial ice, cold and mists, a sort of purgatory for those souls that didn't die heroic or notable deaths. The game draws from this mythology and its beasts (trolls, ice giants, wolfs, bears...), but also diverts from it in other points (thus the subtle difference between the name of the game and the mythological land).


Ellada Games is a Russian studio founded in 2013 by Eduard and Andrey Arutyanyan, who had previously worked together at Colibri Games in the game 'The Tiny Bang Story'. Niffelheim is the first game of the studio.


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