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Ninian is very shy and cautious. This stems from her fear of people finding out her true heritage and trying to take advantage of it. Because of this, she tends to pause and think a lot before she speaks to people. When she is around people she trusts, however, she is kind and gentle. She is also quite brave, as seen when she gives herself up to Nergal in order to protect her little brother Nils.


Role in Lyn's Story

Role in Eliwood/Hector's Story


Ninian has a total of 3 supports: Eliwood, Florina, and Hawkeye.

In her conversation with Eliwood, Ninian will thank Eliwood for rescuing her that year ago in the Caelin conflict for the throne. Eliwood will dismiss it by saying that he just wanted to help, but Ninian will insist on thanking him properly. Thinking it over, Eliwood will request a special dance from her. When next they meet, Eliwood tells her about the grand harvest festival they hold every year in Pherae. He thinks she should come since she dances so beautifully. Reminiscing, he talks about how his father would dance with his mother, but stops himself when he realizes that Ninian still has guilt over his death. He tells her again that she is not to blame, but she refuses to believe that. She tells him that she's been deceiving him and that she's sorry. As she starts to cry, he tells her that he doesn't want her to be sad. When next they meet, Ninian will apologize again and say she's been deceiving him. Eliwood concludes that she has a secret that she can't tell him. Either way, he does not care. What he feels for her won't change no matter what happens. He tells her that she's the first woman he's ever felt this way about, and Ninian can only repeat his name in surprise, relief, and maybe even happiness.


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