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Title Fight 7

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is Sony's first foray into the brawler-style fighting genre. With its focus on the company's various characters and mascots, the comparisons to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series are inevitable. While All-Stars shares a number of obvious similarities with Nintendo's popular franchise, it differentiates itself with the depth of its combo system and a unique scoring method.Do you remember Sir Dan?All-Stars features a roster of twenty characters and, despite som...

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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is a cool, if limited, way to celebrate the history of Sony’s time in videogames 0

From its first announcement, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was always going to have an uphill struggle against the waves of gamers calling it out as a Super Smash Bros. clone. Even the official PlayStation YouTube channel had put the words “Super Smash Brothers” in its tags, which I guess would mean Sony’s PR team just assumed it was a replica of Nintendo’s smash-hit fighter. The industry is full of copycat games, so I am fine with Sony trying their own take on the formula, but with some s...

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All-star Brawlin' 0

PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale pits many classic Sony characters and others that have made an impact on Sony's consoles against one another as they duke it out on various levels, using super moves and items based on the games the characters are from. The way that you play this game is the main differentiating factor between Nintendo's Smash Bros. titles because performing supers is the only way to win. Even still, there are many similarities between the title, but All-Stars is fun enough to...

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review 0

At first glance, most might write off this game as a Sony-branded Super Smash Bros. clone. While in some ways that may be true, that would be unfair to the game since it does a lot to differ itself from its competitor’s counterpart thanks to its many tweaks and own unique style to various parts of the game.More importantly, who doesn’t want to play as any of the multiple iconic characters of Sony’s past franchises? Who do you think will win if Kratos goes up against the all so witty treasure hu...

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A great party-fighter that is unfairly misjudged 0

Pros:-Awesome character roster-Gameplay is fast, addictive, and fun-Combat system is deep and unique for each character-Tons of unlockables-Online is flawless and fun-Super Move system is strategic and works very well-Stages are dynamic and fun-You Get the Vita version for FREECons:-Weak story mode-Some missed character opportunitiesPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a dream come true! While it was no doubt inspired by Nintendo's Smash Bros. series', All-Stars plays vastly different and deli...

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Sony Smash Bros. Tries Something new but Ultimately Falls Flat. 0

Going into this game i didn't know what to think. It seems like a blatant copy of the popular Super Smash Bros. series, however they do some things that make it unique, perhaps too unique. The main problem with this game is that most of its ads has been positioning this game as a party game. This is false advertising. What is the main thing to having a party game? Simplicity this game has none of that. Instead of beating somebody up and them dying you have to use one of your 9 moves to gain some...

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