Games beaten in 2021

This is a simple list to keep track of all the games I've played this year and to give my short thoughts on them all. Spoilers will be unmarked

List items

  • Jan.5

    This game was majorly disappointing following right after Witcher 3 one of my all time favorite rpgs. The game lacks polish, direction, and was clearly badly managed. The game is not bad but certainly not good either, the main story is much too short and pointless in narrative while 70% of the side content is copy pasted missions. You never get to know that many characters and the ones you do their relationship with you is not reflected in the choices you've made throughout the story.

  • Jan.27

    Remains the strongest of the yakuza series story wise by a mile imo. Extremely strong character introduction in Kaoru and Ryuji. Ryuji Goda is the goat yakuza antagonist he remains 'honor' bound throughout the series wanting a true fight with Kiryu ending with one of the best final sequences (it was me no me no actually it was me). The substories are not quite as good as as other entries in the series same with the majority of the mini games available. The real problem with the game is the fighting engine it just doesn't feel good and to do any real damage you have to rely on weapons which the game expects you to use many of. This also goes in line with the exp system which takes way to long to get Kiryu going with any of the baseline skills you normally would have. Overall though the story stays mostly the same and is absolutely worth playing for that alone.

  • Feb.2

    Fantastic follow up to Hitman 2 and a strong finale for the trilogy. Possibly my favorite collection of maps out of all 3 although Sapienza from 1 remains so strong. Will most likely continue to put a lot of time into the game this year.

  • Feb.5

    Really cool indie horror game that reminded me a lot of Inside. A lot hide-and-seek gameplay with you being a tiny main character trying to hide from the large monsters of the world. Atmosphere is really good and I love the switch up change of pace when you enter the guest chambers area. Neat touch I noticed is halfway through it's revealed that this was all taking place on a boat and I realized that the camera was constantly rocking. Looking forward to the dlc and the sequel, especially on ps5 because they did some cool rumble mechanics for this one and hopefully make full use of the ds5.

  • Feb.15

    I've loved this game for a long time but never finished it as I sold it as a kid. It is just as good as I remember it puzzle-solving horror game with a great environment and fun enemies. Music is really good and adds to the atmosphere when luigi is humming along or shouting for mario. Game ends with you decapitating bowser so nintendo isn't afraid of anything

  • March.15

    Bad stalker clone with multiplayer

  • April.11

    ITS YAKUZA BABY COME ON. The first real massive change for the franchise with a new protagonist and also completely different gameplay from brawler -> jrpg turn based combat. Ichiban is great and the story and characters retain the feeling you want when playing a yakuza game. The combat system needs some fine tuning there are no visible set damage value for skills outside of descriptions that mean nothing a lvl 5 skill could be used all game and the later versions of the skill are worse. Outside of Ichiban Saeko was probably my favorite of the main crew although I liked all of them besides Nanba/Eri who is basically ignored. Excited to see where this series will go following the conclusion of this game.

  • April.16

    Continues the story of the first in some interesting ways, although is not as good as the original. Lots of gimmicky fights that have bad/confusing elements, although getting to play as Shinobu and Henry is cool. The best fight in the game is definitely Alice but Margaret and Vladimir have very cool boss designs.

  • April.17

    Finished all the content available in the base game and I loved it. Great roster of monsters for the base game much better than world. I love the wirebug and overall think this is a stronger game than world.

  • April.19

    Wanted more out of this game than just a longer run and gun vr game. The story is not good enough to make you want to learn more. The real issue with the game is how bad the guns feel aiming is too hard because the game was made for sitting and it is almost impossible to peek around corners. Many guns can be held with your other hand to stabilize them but it glitches out constantly causing more harm than good.

  • April.21

    Honestly the gameplay is annoying as hell and I did not enjoy that aspect basically at all. The writing is good however and what I wanted out of a Suda game and this game more than previous ties all his other games together with many characters appearing in cameos and the like. Excited to play proper NMH 3 soon as well as the Silver Case games.

  • May.10

    Going to make Emil my bride and Ending E healed my soul

  • May.20

    Excellent RE game, I really enjoyed the story in this one with all the four lords and whatever the hell was going on with Ethan. Every area felt really fresh and different from one another and exploring for treasure and items was fun.

  • May.30

    As far as gameplay is considered this is a poor game, the real shine comes from the story, world and characters that Yoko Taro founds in this game. Playing as a group of characters described as neither good nor evil but are frankly bad people doing things for their own selfish needs most of the time. This alone makes it interesting playing someone who many people are initially and possibly even in the end not like because of their personality. The world and story presented is grim things often don't go the way the protagonists plan for as the world falls apart around them. The final routes D + E really delve into some hellish landscapes and creatures as the Gods of the world have turned on humanity and the Grotesques appear. Ending E is the real crown of the game, apparently originally a joke ending but eventually spawns the Nier franchise. The shift in time and setting to modern day with things falling into Tokyo while doing one of the hardest video game boss fights that is completely separated from the gameplay experienced throughout the rest of the game is so damn cool. All the story and lore that comes after in Nier and drama cds, and extra books is all because they decided to go off and put something this crazy at the end. This dark fantasy game's final ending leaves off with a message by a Japanese fighter jet pilot it's sick.

  • June.7

    Fun game showing Kodaka and Uchikoshi move away from death games. The story is interesting and feels like a fun road trip with a group of classmates with some cool twists as is typical with both directors. Character designs are really cute and easily recognizable from pokemon sun/moon games. All of this gets weighed down by how shit the game feels to play however most of this likely because it was made for mobile as well. Still a good game overall.

  • June.9

    This game is extremely cool and a much need improvement over the 1st, I really hope a Drakengard remake is in the future at some point in time. Disciples and Intoners are fleshed out and interesting and the world is as cool as always. Zero is a feral queen and my wife

  • June.15

    Man I love how this game looks alongside the atmosphere they go to portray. The scariest thing in the game is the environment not the enemies as the world constantly changes and shifts. My favorite area in the game was Nowhere at the end as I feel it culminated all the strong points of the entire game there at the end.

  • June.19

    This game is scary as hell definitely caught me many times. The idea of a horror game where you have to look directly at the things chasing you while standing still is genius, its made to get you tense and scared. The setting of this large abandoned japanese mansion is really neat and the outside environments were extremely cool. Biggest knock against the game is the story and dialogue which seems to be the victim of a poor translation, many lines repeat themselves and go in circles. Also there are some major emulation bugs which make them game p difficult but that is my own fault anyway overall fantastic game.