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2017 Game List

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  • Fantastic atmosphere,fun puzzle solving and interesting enough story. Weak combat that is okay at times and occasionally asks too much of you, game seriously falls apart at the end with all combat and terrible story ending.

  • Amazing looking game and interesting story. Weak characters, poor pacing with very long info dumps. Decent combat but the game play loop became stale very quickly due to lack of new weapons and options and I just wanted to be done after a few hours. No reasons to interact with most of the dinobots.

  • Excellent dark souls style combat with multiple play style options. Excellent character designs. The story is hard to follow and doesn't string together well, forgettable. The blacksmith and forging options are nearly worthless, hardly any value in the soul match system. Inventory and lot overload, not well optimized.

  • The highs are not offset by the faults. The story is largely forgettable and there are multiple leaps that are unsubstantiated. There are great moments visually and occasionally the game play is fantastic but it mostly disappoints, including a lackluster conclusion.

  • A masterclass in game play variety options. The world building is fantastic, but needs reigned in a bit, but excellent design if not technical visuals. The characters and stories and not well developed at all and the game loop begins to get stale if you play the same way.

  • An excellent mashup of 2d Dark Souls with a Metroidvania element stacked on top. There is no real story but the combat is excellent, though I felt there was not a lot of room for variation due to upgrade restrictions. Good visuals and sounds but the combat became somewhat trivial as I became more powerful, the bosses became simple, though the platforming became frustrating.

  • A fantastic homage to games past. Wonderful atmosphere in both setting and especially sound. Seemingly unrelated stories are eventually tied together in a very satisfying manner. At times the path was unclear and sometimes the steps are rote, but a very well made and conceived package.

  • Somewhat dated graphics offset by a very unique if drawn out story. Overlapping perspectives give past events new meaning. The constantly changing gameplay is at times a weakness and a huge strength due to the variety. The ever changing game play between characters combined with the constantly changing camera perspective really help to keep the game fresh over the multiple play throughs.

  • A short but inventive adventure/puzzle game. Fantastic music and a great sense of style. The puzzle solving is generally fairly straight forward and pretty inventive for an adventure game. The time mechanics make things fairly unique. Only once did a puzzle solution not seem intuitive. The story was mostly forgettable.

  • Amazing game in every facet from start to finish. Fantastic story with twists and turns throughout. Amazing graphics, setting and sounds. The amount of play styles and choices are incredible and everything feels very different, amazing variety. Recycler and gloo gun are two brand new amazing weapons that offer new gameplay choices unlike other games. In short an all time great game.

  • A very Uncharted game. While still having some good graphics and great writing and characters, there is a lack of polish here that is disappointing. Everything felt very paint by numbers and rote. There were a number of invisible walls and hiccups that it was distracting. The right length however, and the characters are good, which made it enjoyable enough.

  • A mindless but fun shooter. The mechanics feel good once you get used to them. The visuals are good and and at times amazing, a very specific vibe. The team strikes are very enjoyable. Not a complete single player experience, the story and characters are a bit hackey. Overall still a fun romp.