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Jumping the gun: My worst impulse buys

I'll admit. I occasionally have a problem buying things on impulse. Sometimes this ends well, such as in the case of Devil May Cry 3 and Resident Evil 4. Sometimes this ends poorly, which usually results in me losing money because I will never play these games or have sold them back already. Hopefully, this doesn't lead to me buying expensive cars and houses that I can't afford like the rest of America, but that's a few years away. List is in no particular order. Note that some games I haven't even gotten super invested in, such as Gothic and STALKER are not on here because they at least still have the potential of not being a horrendous waste of money. I guess Final Fantasy Tactics also goes in here, even though I bought that game like a year ago and never got anywhere with it.

Also note that Arcanum is not on here. For whatever reason, I feel like I at least got my money's worth out of it, the fact that it's not great aside.

List items

  • Cost: around $8 for Freedom Force and Sequel.

    One of my earliest Steam purchases, I was honestly surprised how much I hate this game from the 2 hours or so that I played of it, considering the universal critical praise it received. Maybe I'm playing it wrong?

  • Cost: $20 ish Resold for around $10.

    I like old RPGs. You know this. What I don't like are games that deliberately attempt to be like they were designed in 1983. I'm sure it gets better the farther you get in the dungeon, but the initial difficulty was simply way too much.

  • Cost: $40 Resold for around $25.

    I hope this is self explanatory, if not, Far Cry 2 is not a good game, and it's one I spent plenty of regretful hours in. It's a big open world with nothing to do in it except drive and fight enemies, all which makes the game longer than it has any right to be. AND IT'S SO BORING

  • Cost: $6 for ROA 1 and 2.

    Yeah. Just read my DOS blog. I actually think the 3rd one is of genuine value though, crazy german ruleset aside.

  • Cost: $30, resold for around $10.

    The DS port of JA is not good. The controls for one are awful. Oh, and it's also JAGGED ALLIANCE. I also have the PC version. (cost $10) It's slightly better. BUT IT'S STILL JAGGED ALLIANCE.

  • Cost: $7.50 (on sale).


  • Cost: $3 for all 3 Ishar games (thankfully, on sale).

    See: 3rd DOS blog. Everything that is bad about RPGs from that era.

  • Cost: $12 Resold at around $6.

    I don't like Dead Rising. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

  • Cost: $10.

    Yo, it's like Disciples 2. Except not nearly as good.

  • Cost: $7 (on sale)

    A curiosity piece, that I will NEVER play again.

  • Cost: $10 for Battle Isle platinum, which is all 3 battle isle games, their mission packs, as well as the squad shooter Incubation.

    Sadly, none of the many games in the pack are actually good. Battle Isle is basically a more primitive version of Advance Wars with bad UI, and Incubation is a X-COM wannabe that is almost baffling in its trial and error nature and general mediocrity

  • Cost: $6 for Castles and Castles II.

    While I wouldn't call Castles II bad in any sense, though the early CD-ness of the entire affair is laughable, I don't like games that give no real strategy for how to play, and then let you get savaged by the AI at the lowest difficulty, which is an excellent way for me to not like any game Castles 1 is just kind of old and confusing.

  • Cost: $6

    Lionheart may be the single most inoffensively bland game I have ever had the privilege/misfortune to encounter in my entire old game playing "career". It's clearly not a good game, as the premise is squandered as are half the gameplay mechanics within an hour of the beginning of the game, yet there's nothing actively awful about any part of it either. Don't believe me? Try for yourself. Or don't.

  • Cost: $3 for this and it's sequel Deus (on sale)

    From the developers of Ishar comes... a really bad and extremely confusing game. Who woulda thunk? This one at least has the novelty of really, really, really bad FMV. That's cool.

  • Cost $3 (on sale, thankfully).

    A game developed by everyone's favorite off-year Call of Duty developer Treyarch, Die By The Sword may be the perfect example for why they don't make PC exclusive 3rd person action games anymore. It's kind of hilarious how bad everything is.

  • It's like if XCOM sucked.