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Apocalypse NOMW (Not On My Watch)

Much as everyone may deny it, we are always at risk from impending apocalypse and, worse still, armies of the undead and hell's minions.

I already know I can survive anything - I've killed more zombies than the average army, and then there's my gaming tally, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate a little help.

List items

  • The Belmont family is more than just a legend, it is a legacy. Simon Belmont was the one who originally gave us the opportunity to face off against Dracula, wielding the Vampire Killer he is the first I would call upon for help.

  • While a journalist may not be the first person most people think of, I know the truth behind there brutal methods to getting exclusive stories. Having managed to single-handedly survive in a Zombie-and-psycho-infested mall for 7 days, saving the lives of dozens of civilians at the same time, he would be a valuable ally.

    And if all else failed, at least I'd get some damn-good close-ups of me beating back hell myself.

  • Link is a legend for so many reasons, and even as a child he defeated hundreds of skeletons, including giant ones. He may not be the first person your mind goes to, but armed with the Master Sword and the light arrows, no minion of the under-world can touch him.

  • OK, so he's always in Mario's shadow, but Luigi is every bit as good as his twin. For years they both travelled together, adventured through many a ghost house, and faced many boos, but when Mario got trapped in Luigi's Mansion, who was it who strapped on the Poltergust 3000 and went ghost-bustin'?

  • If we're going to be against spirits, we're going to want The Real Ghostbusters there. To choose only one, it would have to be Venkman. Egon Spengler may have been the brains of the outfit but he lacked any real life experience (Doh-Ray-Egon?), and Ray Stantz was too innocent, and Winston Zeddemore was only there as a job. Peter Venkman however had the attitude and the personality to do the job, and would have to be the one of them who would manage best under the pressure of the apocalypse.

  • I'm going to admit, I'm cheating for this one. I've never played a Resident Evil game, but I have seen the films, so I will state that this one may be incorrect. If the film is at all true to the game then Jill Valentine is a must. Sure, in the film Jill wasn't as good as Alice, but Alice was an infected mutant and I sure as hell ain't taking any chances on her turning on me.

  • Ever play Pac-Man? He may be a drug addict, but just throw the right pills at him and he'll eat all the ghosts in his way. Definitely the sort of power that could help out.