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Bad Display

These are my worst crimes of boxes. I like my games all shelved neatly together, but some just make things awkward. Hence these offenders.

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  • The Limited Edition/Steelbook edition of Judgment was bad. I like to keep everything, including the cardboard sleeves etc on the boxes. I never realised the Judgment even had a steelbook until recently, so quickly obtained on eBay (why should it be my only Gears in a standard box).

    For a very odd choice, The game came with the steelbook, and the original case, both bound in the cardboard sleeve. For whatever reason you get the two boxes in the set, but obviously only 1 game. Now I have it sitting on my shelf, with an empty box. Nobody knows but me... it's there, haunting me.

  • I missed Batman when it first came out, I got it later preowned as a birthday present (my choice) so I got the Limited Edition, obviously. Normally, things like this would be kept in a certain display, but in this case I have removed the batarang and it sits next to my Green Ranger dagger. The box however irks me. The large case can sit nicely, but is awkward to get into, but still not my actual problem with it: the case itself is more of a cardboard sleeve. Instead of a nice DVD case, or a steelbook there is an oddly sized cardboard cover. This is kept constantly inside the big box, because it can't be displayed with the rest of the cases nicely, and just looks out of place.

  • Another game which I got as a Limited Edition later, although only a week or so after it was released. This one came with a statue of Batman, and came in an odd display case which doubles up as the game holder. The issue in this case being that the box obviously needs kept, so my Batman statue has to stay in the box instead of taking pride of place somewhere else. It can still be seen, but it's awkward.

  • Right, so seems that I have a major issue with the Batman games. This one is only a minor issue, but it's still there to annoy me. Again I got the Limited Edition, and this one is HUGE. The big box is so big that I have to keep it in a cupboard, but the status this time is on display since the box was opaque. The only actual issue is that the steelbook which came with it has nothing on the spine. It looks lovely, being molded and shaped instead of flat metal, but the spine is just a strip of metal. There is no design on it, and not even the word "Batman" meaning that if the game is put on the shelf with all my other cases, there is nothing to identify it other than the constant niggling in the back of my head that is has nothing.

  • The case for DR2 is a nuisance. The steelbook came in a plastic sleeve, which surrounded it and the zombrex pen/syringe which came with it. Not major, not even affecting the look of my shelf apart from it sticking out an extra inch.

    The design on the box though is just to look like a blister pack of pills. I don't like it, because it just seems uninspired. Not to mention that in the games, zombrex always required injection - there were no pill versions, or else Chuck would be feeding those to Katie.

  • Limited Editions seem to be the problem every time. I'm actually looking at my shelf, and see no problems with standard versions, apart from the mix'n'match color scheme. With Gears 3, the Limited Edition came in a large box with a sleeve, and inside that was the game box. Of course to keep the theme going that the box itself was meant to be from the COG, the case was designed to look like a Hard Disc Drive, with the game disk itself forming the platter. A nice idea perhaps, but again one that just looks a bit dull, and requires staying in the box, as I don't really want it on the shelf.

  • I got the Amazon Exclusive Steelbook edition of this game. It comes as a white cardboard box, which is fine, but then on opening the box inside is the Steelbook box, and the standard case. What's the point?

  • The steelbook for DR2 isn't bad per-se, but it's nothing special really. The case is in a plastic sleeve which is slightly too big, to make space for the syringe-shaped pen which came with it (because naturally, Zombie Apocalypse means you need something to write with), but the design on the tin is just... uninspired. It just has a load of capsule shapes on it saying "Zombrex" to look like a blister pack of pills.