Don't Fear The Reaper

A list of the most evil creatures, the one's which have been destroyed and return, over and over again. I despise the undead, ever since my family was eaten by zombies, and I have sworn to rid the world of them.

List items

  • Zombies are the worst of the horde. Risen back from the dead, these often rotted walking corpses return to do nothing but cause havok. Although they are generally slow and shambling, there are no guarantees, and no realm of safety - one bite, and even your strongest ally is one of them.

  • Although they've become popular recently, vampires are evil, blood-swilling heathens. They kill to feed, and they kill for fun.

    Many have forgotten the dangers vampires can be. They cannot attack during the day because sunlight destroys them; it does not just make them glitter; but at night there is no more fearsome enemy. This has been forgotten by most, but I fought alongside the Belmont clan, and the Van Helsing family against these demons, and I will never rest until they do.

  • He's called the Prince of Darkness, and he's near invincible. Frequently returning aver few hundred years to try and rule over humankind, Dracula is the biggest of the evil undead, and the biggest threat to the world. He must be stopped... or at least stalled... for as long as possible.

  • One of the most terrifying of all to return from beyond death. Freddy Kreuger kills people in their dreams - a place where he can't be harmed. No matter how many attempts are taken to defeat him, he always returns.

  • Although not undead per-se, they have for years been aligned with the forces of evil. Acting as guardians for stronger forces, and sometimes aligned into evil packs of their own. While there are some good Lycanthropes, most that you ever face are evil, as the other remain in hiding. Quick and deadly, bloodthirsty, and able to turn you into one of them with a bite, they are definitely something to beware of.