Games That Need to be Turned into Broadway Musicals

There isn't really much of a demand for musicals now adays and I think the the reason is that they are based on boring things, like AIDS! You know what are not boring, videogames so they should all be musicals especially these one's.

List items

  • Blowing helicopters up is cool, but you know what would be better if the helicopters were rapping! Plus you would have a real rapper up there to sing about goin off big ass ramps. Who wouldn't pay to see that!

  • Yo they were already supposed to do a Spider-Man musical, but this one has Wolverine in it! That automatically makes it eleventy trillion times better. Plus have you seen Wolverines hair, anyone with that crazy sideburns needs to belt out some songs about shredding guys to pieces!

  • Nolan North has done a lot in his career except SING. For this Im thinking a 1-man show where he pays all the characters singing songs about betrayal, love, and that ancient Tibetain ritual daggar in his pocket. Who's with me

  • Dude, since Mario is Italian and he's in space, this is begging to be made into a space opera!

  • You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you will see scenes of guys arms getting blown up up. Plus I always that Psycho Mantis would be way more freaky if he sang an upbeat diddy about reading your mind!

  • Take the awesome metal music, add the equally awesome story and humor, remove the out of place RTS gameplay you got a winner in my book!

  • What you got here is essentially a gay romance with chainsaws and blood. Everybody Wins!!!!

  • I have heard all the crazy ass stories from Eve, but dont feel like playing "Spreadsheets in Space" So maybe if you put it into song I will care.

  • i just put this on here so I could here Brucie and Niko's duet about bull shark testostrome and funny balls!

  • I know this game isn't out yet, but it has Nikola Tesla in it, who was played by David Bowie in "The Prestige" see what im gettin at. Plus Nolan North in a Jetpack!

  • This game was basically a musical already all we need to do is resurect MJ's corpse and were in buiseness!

  • GLaDos already has one part of the soundtrack done, so it's almost there anyway. PLus if she was singing about how the cake is a lie it would be a lot easier to handle

  • Silent Protaganist are overrated. I would care a lot more about CIty 17 if Gordon, Alix, and DOG were singing about it!

  • It's a little known fact, but hair demons have a great sets of pipes on them. Plus Bayonetta is hot so...... yeah.

  • Just the thought of grown adults in pokemon costumes dancing and singing across the stage makes me chuckle.

  • Im cheating a little bit, since this is a character and not a game, but who cares. A musical based on the life of funky student with an equally funky soundtrack would be groovy.

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