People who should be Moderators on Giant Bomb

At the time of the creation of this list, there is a huge search for  mods for the Giant Bomb. These are my nominations.

List items

  • As a super computer for a futuristic science center, I think GLaDOS would do fine as a mod. Due to the vast amount of knowledge she has, she would do well on wiki's and get everyone to get along on the forums, by promising them cake( even if the cake is a... well you know the rest)

  • I don't know how he does it, but Bowser is able to manage people very well. Even after many failures, he still convinces people to work for him on the same plan over and over again, even if 99% of the time he fails. No one rebels or asks questions and everybody seems to be in good spirits. He would be able to keep people on the forums happy and get rid of all that question him or Giant Bomb(which is what he must do during his evil plans, because everyone is in to good of spirits over there.

  • Someone has already suggested this but this seems like a great candidate. She has vasts amounts of computer experience and she wields a gun most the time, trust me if you know someone has a gun at all times you will behave.

  • Chie seems like she would be on top of everything on Giant Bomb. Anyone who can punt tanks into space has my vote. Plus think how fast the steak and kung fu related wikis would get filled out, I know if Chie set up a task I would do it as fast as possible.

  • We might as well make him a mod for are own safety.