Welcome to the world of PC gaming!

     So now that I got a computer that can run game on it, I finally understand the world of PC gaming! The mass of amount of cheap and quality games is pretty killer, the convince of getting them is even better. But here are the things that that console gaming has spoiled for me

  • Waiting to download and install games suck
  • Always paranoid about my hard drive space
  • I like being able to physically hold a disk
  • Lots of microphone spammers
  • Harder to find quality games (i.e Team Fortress)
    Just little things like that are bugging me, actually the only reason I'm typing this is because I'm waiting to download/install RO:2. Having a screen full of game shortcuts does make you feel pretty good too.

New in box Game & Watch never used.

Went to my first  estate sale sale and picked up a new in box Game & Watch unit. It is the "headache" or "helmet" unit and is circa 1981.

 As it was sold in 1981
 As it was sold in 1981

 both box and casing
 both box and casing

  Still in the original wrapping, batteries included 
  Still in the original wrapping, batteries included 
PM me if you know anything about the Game & Watch or would be interested in buying it for yourself.

What have you heard about Osama so far?

I spent an entire day of school talking about how bad-ass it is that Bin Laden is dead. Since this is all new news there are many stories going around about what really happened.

  •     Bin Laden was killed a week ago in a bombing raid
  •     He was killed in a firefight rather than a lone soldier
  •     He was chased down into the mansion and killed in a stand-off similar to the end of Taken
  •     He used a woman as human shield.
  •     He was given a Muslim burial out at sea before dropping him into the ocean.
This is all the stuff I've heard, I think most of it is just people trying to keep the conversation going. I can't really blame for that. I also don't really want to know the full story because no matter happened it's not as good who it goes down in my head.

I am now a PROfessional treasure hunter, with a cap PRO.

      I was inspired by the many greats before Me. Stephen King, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert De Niro all famous people you probably sought treasure at one point in there lives. This is my story.
     It was a regular day in Dryden Michigan, I had just woken up from an afternoon slumber when my Father (If that capitalized?) comes running in through the door with a small Tupperware container in his hand. He said "My son you are a genius! You were right all along, there is treasure in Port Huron. Those coordinates where right all along!" the sleep had instantly left my body, it was time for me to examine what is probably Soviet era KGB supplies placed but used during the cold war. It was exactly that my father had found. I pulled out my World War II era maps of Michigan that were printed by the Germans to use in the North American campaign, there lack of newer road structures made it easier to find more district era for KGB agents to fin these drop boxes. My father had a suggestion "Son, use Google Earth. It is quicker and easier to use the coordinates appear at the bottom of the screen, It's that easy. I put him time out for this." I am still dumfounded on the placement of the drop box, but that was pushed away by curiosity of the contents.

 Here it is, written in code that no one but KGB agent can read. The contents are even more disturbing.
 Here it is, written in code that no one but KGB agent can read. The contents are even more disturbing.

 From left to right: pencils that can write underwater, in space and in volcanoes. Erasers that only erase democracy,  Ai-Ai toy that doubles as camera. and centipede that spreads the disease of communism. We will examine the
 From left to right: pencils that can write underwater, in space and in volcanoes. Erasers that only erase democracy, Ai-Ai toy that doubles as camera. and centipede that spreads the disease of communism. We will examine the "log" inside the film canister.
          Upon examination of the log it turns out that the drop box was used several times by KGB agents, restocking them through out there undercover tours. They went as far as to write the dates in code such as "Feb. 10 2009" or "4/4/2009" they lied about the dates to confuse the America loving man how found this, never trust a commi. Decided to play their little game, I signed the log with my codeman "The Pokemon Master" and put in four Pokemon cards. They will think that they are weapon capable of cutting through human flesh and railroad tracks, they have been outsmarted.
 Clever Michael outsmarts Soviet KGB Nazis!
 Clever Michael outsmarts Soviet KGB Nazis!
     The world is later safer thanks to Me. No more KGB agents can terrorize the state of Michigan anymore, I would expect the war in Afghanistan to end and day now. The economy will be repaired now that the KGB agents can't conterfiet money inside volcanoes with their space pencils. But I am still young, I have many years of saving America and thus the world ahead of Me.

 America is safe once again.
 America is safe once again.

Will Deadmau5 ever be bigger than Daft Punk.

    Just read a great article of Deadmau5 earlier today and it seems that this Joel Zimmerman's popularity has ASSPLODED since he did his the VH1 awards earlier last year. He seems more popular now then I can remember Daft Punk ever being. Yea, I know what your thinking "Well some bands are just more popular than other bands Michael, Get over it." The disturbing part of all this is that Daft Punk is/are(?) the greatest techno group ever, not a whole lot people are going to argue that.  
    So is the perfect example of todays modern music "scene" (I hate using the word "scene") is the proof that people taste in music of all genres has devolved over the years. Now I don't hate DeadMau5 or anything he's on the playlist I'm listening as I type this post, but let's face musically (as musical as techno can be) Daft Punk is a better band I mean they made a fucking movie about the Discovery album. That goes a long way in this argument I think. 
    Not just looking at the whole Daft Punk vs. Deadmau5 battle (which is not what the blog is about!) I just wanted to point out people devolution over the years when it comes to musical taste.  


Dumb things I've heard on the internet.

 Let's face it, the smart people to stoopid people ratio is not in our favor. Over the past few years I've been spending time on Xbox Live and even more time on Giant Bomb, this synergism of internet domains has put me on the front-lines of fanboyism, trollism, and twelve year oldism. All of which terrible terrible things. So I've compiled a list of things I've heard and wasted cognitive thinking on. Here I go the most l337 of all shit list out there. 

  1. "I just downloaded a camera app on my Ipod Touch! Now I don't have to buy an Iphone!"
  2. "I'll just wait until they port Red Dead Redemption to the Wii, then I'll buy it."
  3. "Nsync's new album is great!"
  4. "Team Fortress suck because you can't customize your weapon's"
  5. "I can't wait unti Nine Inch Nails and Weezer tour together!"
  6. "Ryu's a grappler."
  7. "No, no, no Blizzard is working on Duke Nukem: Forever. I read it on 4chan."
  8. "Persona 4 is so unoriginal CODs storyline is maybe the most original, either that or Saints Row"
  9. "Pulp Fiction is my favorite Christopher Nolan film."
  10. "Top Gun 2 is out this week!" (He was referring to Top Gun 2 the game.)
  11. "Halo: Reach is like the same as Halo 3."]
  12. "What is Green Day's Longview about?"
  13. "I hope they remake Inception."
Well, that's all I got so far. My time with the internet is still in it's infant years. More is definitely to come, let me know if there is anything you've heard that I should add.     
EDIT: For all of those calling these fake, I did not put them in full context. No one randomly joined my game and said: "Top Gun 2 is out this week".

How Microsoft will rule the Universe.

So In case you haven't noticed Microsoft likes money.

       Since Infinity Ward had their boys fired for talkin' back to Bob Kotick, people seem to think that Microsoft is going to buy Infinity Ward. The real question is: What isn't Microsoft going to buy? Is Microsoft evil, are they greedy, and most importantly are we safe? Microsoft is the most powerful company in the world of technologist if not the entire world, they also have the drive to lead them to world domination. Don't fuck with Microsoft. Being the person that I am devised the plan that Bill Gates will use to conquer us all. 

The Battle plan


Stage one: Operation infinity.

       Microsoft. Are you scared yet? The very word strikes fear into the heart of Steve Jobs, the last hope for humanity. By the time your done reading this blog Microsoft has already bought Infinity Ward. By this time IW has released the new Modern Warfare game, the Swan Song of Infinity Ward. Using the stupid amounts of income from the over hyped IP, Microsoft releases the Xbox: Blu, featuring Blu-ray. "Hey, Sony owns Blu-Ray!". Not according Microsoft. After forty-two court sessions and ten casualties, Microsoft sues Sony over Blu-Ray, Microsoft has invented Blu-ray. Sony cannot bounce back from the lawsuit, they also cannot counter Blu-Ray. Sony is now dead. Dead

 Stage two: The last days of Apple  

         Steve Jobs is the proclaimed "Hero" of the world. We have realized that the Ipod, the last true piece of technology that Microsoft cannot "invent' themselves or top is the only thing that cannot slow down the Microsoft assault. Apple releases the Ipod: Swarm. The idea around the Swarm is to make it so cheap that everyone would own one, regardless of the profit margin. The plan at first, works. But after The Black Eyed Pea's plane "accidentally" crashes into Lady Gaga's mansion killing everyone. The Itunes market collapses, Itunes fails. Apple soon follows. 
     Stage three: Microsoft pulls America's ass out of the fire! 
          America's dept is at a staggering OVER 9000!...trillion. Microsoft then makes the biggest financial move in the history of forever: they bail out the states, except Nebraska (You'll see why later). Before this deal happens they is an under the table deal in Washington. In exchange for Microsoft bailing us out, they get unlimited use of the military. Nebraska is enraged over the deal, they riot, conform and go anarchy. Nebraska's actions are not tolerable, this what Microsoft has been waiting for. With Bob Kotick leading them Microsoft sends Death squads into Nebraska, killing everything in site. Microsoft buys Nebraska, flips it, then sells it to Haiti and Chile for a generously low rent.  

   Stage four: Blade Runner

          Americans' are pissed. Why would any do such a thing to fellow Americans? To make people believe in Microsoft, they promise this: "When people cooperate with their Microsoft Overlords, I mean "leaders". We will allow the release of the new Blade Runner". The world, shuts the fuck up. Microsoft is in fact evil, Blade Runner is never released. 
      Stage five: Pull a Joseph Stalin. 
           Our new Overlords are scared that the CEO's and Executives are growing in power, both political and inside the company. Following the "great" Joseph Stalin they arrange their deaths. Bob Kotick is no more. Microsoft brings in new blood, NASA.  
       Wait, what? 
           Yes, NASA. Microsoft hires NASA at gunpoint to work with them in there intergalactic relations. Microsoft plans to buy the fucking Moon! What they plan do is turn the Moon into a highly advanced military base, Congress opposes, Congress dies. After they establish the base, they put a giant blanket over the moon, blacking out the moonlight. If the world wants moonlight they most pay Microsoft a nightly charge on it.  
       They own space now.
            Microsoft put the "Gatesgun" on the surface of the moon, pointing it at the Earth. Microsoft owns not the Earth, but the area around Earth, also charging Earthlings for that too. Microsoft now owns the entire solar system, they even invented sunlight and sued the Milky way because the owned the candy bar first.  

Final Conclusions.

  Microsoft is everyone crazy money driven company and we will all live happily in a Microsoft driven world.        

Fighting game, dark fantasy epics, and a new JRPG.

     I was at Gamestop the other day and I sold Dragon Age: Orgins (360), when looking at games I thought " Ya' know I bought Dragon Age to help fill the void in my heart that Baldur's Gare left in me. I didn't see what made people flock to that game all that well, but I could see where they were coming from." If you follow me on the site you already know I don't like Dragon Age. Those games have been proven to be not bad, so it's not the game it's me. I took me years to figure out that I don't like these games they dub "dark fantasy epics'... So I bought Oblivion? Guess what, I liked Fallout 3, but Oblivion...is Meh, the proper term? 
    Yet there is a good side to this, I discoverd fighting game and JRPGs. Since my presence on this wonderful site of Duders and Space Neon Lobsters I have been exposed to a few games I didn't know anything about, Street Fighter and PERSONA! I also recently purchased both these games and enjoy them lots (it's a word). I want more of these style of games particular JRPGs, Whats a good JRPG to play on the 360? Star Ocean, Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star Universe maybe not anyone one of those? I just glad i found a new style of games to play and broke the typical shooter game riddled playlist of games. My soon to own fighting games will be DOA 4 and possibly Tekken 6 and MKVDC. Thanks for readin' my blog and I'll be thankful for any suggestions!  


The "this" effect.

              So I was playing Assassin's Creed II and remember hearing the main story line will be a trilogy, that game has to much stuff to do in it. Your not just an Assassin, your a avaitor, investor, historain dude, and many many other things. There's going to be a challenge when it comes to adding more features to the next one. What I'm saying this series grew up waaay to fast, there's no room to expand the series. I also saw this in Modern Warfare 2 and GTA IV after all the DLC. 
              I can't think of name for this effect, but I'll edit it in as soon as I can. This overloading of games happens for one reason: not thinking straight. People will always buy Assassin's Creed games, Call of Duty and GTA games, let the series evolve over time. The most noticable one is hands down Modern Warfare 2, what else could they put in that game to expand it, not make it better exactly,but to expand it. Sequels are created to expand a game and improve upon the last titles faults, don't overload it with stupid amounts of stuff. 
              The game I think did the best of avoiding this was Pokemon. Look at the changes over time. In Red the craziest feature was riding a bike, that blew my mind! Then in Saphire you were making forts and stuff and in the next generation there a Pokemeter or whatever it's called, that's how you evolve a game. Game devs need to take there time wre creating a series that they know will be popular over time.  
 Edit: Sorry for typos I was rushed off the computer. 

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