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Results of a little holiday project

Over the Christmas-New Year break I had a brainwave on an idea (inspired by that had been festering mulling in my head for a while. On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words: ta-da.

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The biggest problem with this project is the backlog. It helps that the program is stable now, and 'tagging' doesn't add that much time to the process of listening to a podcast. But if I do things at the rate of one podcast a day which is obviously unachievable in the long run, including podcasts produced while I catch up, I won't be done for at least 500 days. (The maths for that is fairly straightforward if you ignore bonus podcasts like GOTY series. x = days, y = podcasts.) On the other hand, it's as good a reason as any to listen to the early podcasts, and a pretty good reason to make sure I don't get distracted while listening.

Nothing to share from it at this stage - and there's a 50% chance I'll lose interest once I don't have time to spend on it every day. Also, a looking at Brad's yawns during Mario Party 2 found little of interest, though if I had infinite time and patience it would be interesting to track things on e.g. a 24-hour stream to see if there's a pattern after all.

(For the more technically inclined, it doesn't use the Giant Bomb API, or in fact any data from the website except for me manually downloading audio files and copying URLs and text, and I'll probably automate that bit from the RSS file. The database behind it is nice enough that it wouldn't be impossible to link games and other things to their respective pages, but that's thinking a little too far in the future at this stage.)

Why is it called Fuse? 'Cos it fuses information with the audio files. Plus a fuse is kind of part of a bomb, or at least cartoon ones like in the logo here. Better than Form1, anyway.