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this has finally been fixed. I'm not sure how or when but living glass blue print glitch no longer a problem. just thought I would say that to end this thread. Still enjoy the game from time to time.

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Just wanted to spread the word that hitman 2 is currently 50% on PSN. I guess this may only be on US store, for some reason, sorry rest of world.

I loved hitman one but got red dead instead last month. Now very happy to get hitman sooner than expected.

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new job, and already quickly surpassing current role.

I love positive threads.

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I haven't played fallout 76. I like the fallout games but nothing from what I saw leading up to game seemed like something I would really like. That said my question is what did you think you were going to get that they didn't deliver? People seem pissed there is no story, but they said no NPCs. They seem to say that you would make your own story with friends. So if you don't think there is a story maybe you failed to make it. Once again I don't know cause I haven't played it, so those in this thread that want refund I ask, what did they fail to deliver?

I am a fallout fan and I look forward to buying this game some day for $10, and giving it a try. Maybe rather than asking for refunds people should learn to be patient. If you followed GBs coverage of the game you would have know the game wasn't worth buying.

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I like RDR2 but I don;'t think it plays great and I haven't been in any kind of rush to play more of it. I do like it and I think it looks great. I think the controls are complete crazy and nonconsistent, I don't know if there are bugs or I'm hitting the wrong thing or its open world chaos, but I never fell 100% in control. Sure its my fault when I ride into town too fast and my horse tramples someone, but how does that even lead to cops with guns in seconds on me? My biggest issue was I was looking through trappers items and outfits, when I heard him start talking about why I'm acting crazy or something. I had been in menu for several minutes but it ended with him screaming and running away like I attacked him. I have no one idea if he will come back or not, but at this point I decide to just role with everything and act a little more evil, if I pull my gun out by accident and it freaks you out, well now I'm likely to just shoot you and move on. I've died and failed mission cause I didn't do what rock-star wanted so now I just play fast and loose. The idea of open world is really a joke, I spent hours wanting to fish and tried several times to buy fishing equipment but coul;dn't, why? cause I did do mission with kid. Than I tried fishing in lake, but couldn't I had pole bait and was standing on banks, but cause it was someone else's land I guess I couldn't.

The most important comment I'll say about RDR2 is that I'm no longer eager to play. Yes it not a game for short play session so if I have an hour or less I don't even consider it, but I'm not overly excited to keep going. I'm not done but it will likely take me a long time to see the end game. I am also interested in online. I didn't bother with beta, but will diffinitly check it out once fully live. Maybe the idea of playing some random PvP game online will lead me to loading game up more and help get me through it.

I like it, but .......I would play some tetris instead for an hour.

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@turboman: James Connor is great, the announcers are terrible. Cause dude is right every game they mention he beat cancer, and every game they say "he doesn't want to be known has guy who beat cancer, he just wants to known has great RB." THAN STOP SAYING IT. They can't help themselves they need to talk constantly for 4 hours during game and story is too goo not to mention. I hate it, some people don't want their whole life in public. Obviously Roman, most wwe superstars, don't fall into this group who want to stay out of public eye. I keep thinking, when did he take test? Did he have physical or something before going to Saudis Arabia? I'm a little surprised they didn't push this 2-3 weeks to after crown jewel. Maybe has soon has he found out he said he was done immediately. Up until Dean turned on Rollins I was waiting for Roman to come down and join celebration at end of show. I like Dean turning on Rollins, one it gets ride of shield, so you don't have to keep shield minus Roman around, that would only lead to weekly mentions of Roman. I hope they defend the championships a few times, I like the idea of tag team that hates each other. In real life with Roman out, Rollins likely moves up headliner role again, so better Dean turn on him vs him turning on Dean again.

Good luck Roman

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I would bet this is money thing, sure disney is starting their own thing but there are plenty of superheros to go around. The ratings can't be great, my biggest issue is often length, most of these seasons are like 3 episodes to long. I love all this marvel crap, and generally believe more is better cause there will be some good mixed in there. The question is what will netflix do for action series? seems like they have endless comedies, but if these close all their marvel stuff I'm not sure what other action series they'll have. Could they buy some DC people and make some series off them? That might be great idea espically when disney first launches their thing.

Iron fist was interesting, but confusing. How many people died and came back to life in season one? how easy was it to transfer power in season 2?

luke cage was cool. Luke should have been fighting more random crime. Too many of these seasons focus only on one bad guy and stories line are too dragged out.

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play fortnite.

I'm only half joking. Its fun and easy to get group in and out of matches quickly. Its free so it's easy to get everyone copy of game. Even if yall suck its easy to get some kills as long has you work together.

Do you really mean only group vs computer, ie left for dead or gears. These games are better for feeling like you accomplished something. Its fun to climb your way through game, get better gear and reach end. However, once you beat game it becomes harder to go back has often.

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I'm not sure over-hyped is really a thing here. Over anticipated may be better phrase. Really no one is talking about game yet. I assume there is an embargo date that will hit later this week and than everyone opinions will drop. Currently I think its hard to call game over hyped cause I haven't heard people saying this greatest game ever, yet. Its been years since gta and even longer since first red dead, so people, including me are excited.

I voted he'll love it. lets just call it positive thinking. I don't recall what he disliked so much about first game? foolishly long skinning animations?

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@fatalbanana: That's kind of my point, doesn't the person going into games development realize what they're getting into? I assume there are lots of people willing to take these jobs and work any number of hours. Some want the experience, some want the line on their resume, some just want money. In a perfect world rockstar should have hired more people to spread out workload or pushed release date instead of crunch. I don't get argument about family because its not like rockstar promised to take care of these people and family forever. Family planning is important, but this different situation from telltale suddenly closing up shop one day. Lots of people here seem to be saying this kind of things happens all over and game industry jobs are very short term, or at least project to project. So I question if people knew what they were getting into or not? Suddenly after working on red dead for years the last few weeks before ship hours increased, and likely a large number will be let go after release. How many of the employees were shocked by this?