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Best of 2010

bushpusherr: Best of 2010

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  • I love this game so much that I bought it twice. Once on Xbox Live, once on Steam for the extra characters and eventual level editor. AWESOME!

  • I've been addicted to the CoD multiplayer experience since the first game on the PC. Coming from MW2, they made a lot of very smart balancing decisions that make this game much more fun to play online.

  • I love A Link To The Past, and this homage hit that nostalgic itch just right.

  • Red Alert 2 is the only RTS I've ever spent a significant amount of time with. I was happy to hop on the Starcraft train to broaden my RTS experience.

  • I was happy to see this game take a bit more of a traditional "world map" level selector to progress, and I enjoyed the elevated difficulty compared to the first Galaxy.

  • This game catches a lot of hate, but I really enjoyed my time with it. It consumed me for an entire week; I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Final Fantasy X is the only other FF game I've played, so the linearity issue didn't bother me at all. Since XIII is no more linear than X, it kind of fit my expectation. The strategy and pace of the combat was what hooked me. Easily the best combat system in any turn based RPG I've ever played.

  • I'm not a huge western fan, but I enjoyed the characters and atmosphere in this game more than I ever have with any Grand Theft Auto game.

  • I agree with the bomb-staff on this one about how fucking crazy and bizarre the ending was, but I thought this game was fantastic overall. The combat felt like it had impact, and the character work was fantastic.

  • It can get pretty cheesy when people start to talk about games as more of an experience than a game, but this game fits it perfectly. Limbo just brought a mystery and curiosity about it that I hadn't ever seen in a game before.

  • Kirby had one of the most satisfying co-op components of the year for me. Nothing beats two college students sitting in their dorm room giggling at the sites and sounds of the most adorable game to ever be conceived.