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GOTY 2012

Starting this list now to update until the end of the year with games as I play them.

List items

  • I never played the original, but I got deep into this game. I have some hangups about the particulars of the faux "dice-rolling," but overall it was still an awesome experience.

  • A beautiful game to witness as you play, and an experience altogether more unique than any I've had in video games.

  • Fast. Brutal. Fucking awesome.

    I love the depth of strategic creativity the player can employ when tackling the different level layouts.

  • This game made some meaningful and extremely fun changes to your standard first person shooter combat.

  • Prepare To Die Edition. The DLC content added was worthy of the franchise, and it runs much smoother on the PC. (And with the help of a fix or two, looks much nicer also)

  • More of the same for the most part, but I loved Borderlands. Graphically better, I enjoyed the differences in weapons, but I hated most of the characters.

  • I'm not a huge fan of stealth games. I usually prefer an all out, guns blazing style of play. This game made it fun to attempt no-alarms, no-kills playthroughs.

  • I like difficult games. This one does it for me.

  • Never made it to the full level cap, the grind stopped being fun. I had a great time while it lasted though.

  • Super unique, and I enjoyed being part of the internet code cracking brigade during the first couple weeks of this games release.

  • Loved Trials HD. More of that was awesome.

  • Among my favorite turn based strategy combat systems. Story is bonkers.

  • Praises abound for it's use of character and emotional development. However, this is hardly even a game as much as it is a digital choose your own adventure book.

  • I love the idea behind this game, but MAN did it get super repetitive relatively quickly. I really wish there were more ramps in difficulty, and maybe some rules put in place so I was forced think more creatively.