Going to be working my way through a few new reviews over the next week or so :)

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Best Games I played In 2019

SO lets be clear, most of these games are not infact from 2019. But they ARE games that I beat in the fine year that was last year.

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  • A fascinating dark fantasy world that's so cohesive and immersive that it's probably the most exciting game world I've ever gone and explored. It's bosses were so memorable and challenging that even though I swore as I died twice as many times as Namco probably intended me to, I still picked the controller back up to walk through that fog gate to fight Gwyn, Lord Of Cinder and felt immense sadness as the credits rolled, because it was over.

  • I'd be foolish to deny that I had the best time in Yakuza 3. It's surprising to me that it's widely considered to be one of the weakest games in the series due to the story being too focused around the kids and the orphanage? This to me just makes the game more heartwarming, seeing Kazuma Kiryu teach and help the kids he cares for was so endearing and made some of the events in the later game all the more devastating. I loved the story in this like I did all the Yakuza games. It's just as wacky and wild as the other games but for me the main reason it's disliked is why it was my favourite of the ones I played this year.

  • Really though, if you blame all the deaths on the captain, then you get an achievement. This game really pushes you to analyse the environment in a way that few detective games do, the way it sets up things for you to peel away at it's layers to uncover information slowly is both tantalising and rewarding as you solve specific incidents. The larger story of the game itself and the conflicts that take place on this boat as the crew and passengers were slain by each other and *cough* other forces is a jigsaw of epic proportions to piece together.

  • Remember that time I met Miracle Johnson and Steven Spinning and then fought some zombies? Or that time I was a pizza delivery boy or when I became the undisputed king of dance in Kamurocho? What about that time where I defeated five billionaires and got a gold statue of myself made? OH! What about when I defeated all the children in a toy car racing championship or won a literal chicken at bowling? Well, pick this game up, I'm sure you will too.

  • People who know me know I love goofy things and shooting stuff. So it should come as no surprise that I thought this was an exciting and exhilarating shooter with slick controls on a console not known for them, that coaxed more than it's fair share of snorts and chuckles out of me. Ridiculous situations + time travel, what is there not to like?

  • After the initial being a bummer that most David Cage games are this really picks up into one of the most intriguing games I've played in a while, being a sad sack I wanted every character to be happy which is of course impossible in a game like this but that didn't stop me quitting out and trying to get the "ultra good" ending in my mind.

  • Want to FEEL like a starship captain in the world of Star Trek? Look no further, this game poked my inner dweeb to life and kept her satisfied for many hours.

  • Who would have known that after beating Dark Souls I'd immediately go and play something ten times as stressful as walking over invisible walkways with 50k souls. Cry of Fear balances it's use of the goldsource engine (HL1), deep disturbing music and atmosphere with some truly grotesque monsters that could only exist in that engine to deliver one of the most terrifying games I've played in a while. Shame about the story, fans liked it though.

  • If only they'd gone the extra mile and recreated the wooden voice acting this could have been the remake none of us deserved.

  • Now before I hit you with a bombshell, I love Theme Hospital and wasn't ready for it to be succeeded by a modern take on the same established ground. That being said, Two Point Hospital was pretty good.

  • Yeehaw, it's Gertrude Bitchnits here to remind you to pick up the book of silly walking at the start of the game to make a dumb as hell experience even dumber and therefore 50x more enjoyable. Great writing.

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I also beat Neir: Automata this year.