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Not This Time...

I missed out on Xenoblade Chronicles and now the closest copy is about 100 miles from my house. So, I decided to not miss out on another Wii game that deserves my attention. Not only that, it will be my first true JRPG. Even at my advanced age, I never took the plunge during its heyday. Here we go!

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So it's my birthday.

This 48 year old still knows how to party according to my video. Actually, I was testing out my new camera. I'm the bald headed guy and the other dude in yellow is my younger brother. Just having some fun. Oh, and I turned 48. Still playing them games. Peace.


Claude's Happy Endings and Games Played: MGotY 2012

Happy Endings are sublime. They don't come as often as you think. When the credits roll, you know you've trolled...the game. Win!

Happy Endings:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: After playing this game on the 360, I bought it again for the PC on Steam. Steam lasts forever...right? I believe in video games again.
The Witcher 2: Yet another game finished on the 360 and bought on Steam, plus a little GoG love. God fucking damn awesome.
Dead Space 2: Fuck Yeah! Great Game!
Mass Effect 3: No fuss, just a game. A motherfucking good video game. I felt the ending served me well. No limp dick, just a dick and a pussy combined.
Stalker: Call of Pripyat: Bought a new laptop that can play video games over the summer. Saw the ending, lived it, felt it and still not as good as Chernobyl.
Dishonored: Fanfuckingtastic with a wealth of stealth and subversive gameplay, but...a little long in the tooth.
The Walking Dead: What can I say? No fucking way, did I play, a video game. I did. I did just play a video game. It's a game. A video game. I played it.

Whiskey Dick Games: Did Not Finish: The, I still love you babes of 2012:

Dust: An Elysian Tail: Cool, yeah, cool. I'll call you later.
Mark of the Ninja: Hey, you're pretty hot. Call me. Ok, I'll call you.
Trials Evolution: I'll play you again.  
Lone Survivor: The sounds you make make me hot. 

Fuck You Bitch: We're Over:

Assassin's Creed 3: Get the fuck out. I don't believe in you.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13: 12 was better whore.

Just Bought and Still Styling:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Oh my motherfucking god from hell what have I done?
Far Cry 3: Shit bitch, I love you. Still lovin' you. Want some more? Take this. 

My Game of the Year:

The fuck played and other motherfucker understood: The Walking Dead
It's a Video Game
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Fuck you

Cry me a river
21 Comments, death and some video games.

I wrote this for some friends of facebook and me. Mostly it's just a reflection of the last six months after my wife's death. I thought I would share with you guys. 
On May 9th, six months ago, I lost my wife of almost twenty years to a stroke. Her health had been failing throughout the years as thirty years of Lupus had taken its toll. As her journey in this life came to an end, mine was ready to begin, anew. I had no idea how her death would effect me. The repercussions of our relationship still live strong in me and bring me many mixed emotions. Ours was a complicated relationship, one of lovers, partners, care giving and best friends. After Mary died, I did what I had to do to make sure my bills were paid. I did other things to make my space more mine, but she's everywhere still. I smell her. I see her. I hear her. Mary Glen was a towering presence in my life. Sometimes, I was afraid to come out of her shadow, other times, I wished to break free of her influence. I'm free now. I have no choice but to be.  
Through the joy of a great friendship renewed and being seen through a looking glass they call Skype, I saw how I was also destroying my own body. I quit smoking, chewing tobacco, started exercising and eating healthy on a regular basis back in June and July. I've lost almost 30 lbs. I've got a job, temporary, but it seems it will become permanent. My life is mine. It's all mine. I can't go back. The last fantasy of a life that I clung to is dead. 
I wish to do plays and play in the theater. But I have bills to pay, for now, but my life is far from over. I will play the play again. I will act out. I will be. 
I'm good. I'm getting better and will grow to be an individual beyond that which I even knew. The second half of my life is just beginning.  
For you, my video game loving brethren.
I still play video games, but what do they all mean anymore. I play them now because I did in the past. I still haven't found that one that has caught my attention, especially after my wife's death. I just play them to play them. Dishonored was cool, but seemed like it ran its course for way to long. I'm playing Assassin's Creed 3 now and it seems like an interesting game with a bunch of stuff I could give two shits about. Maybe Hitman will do the trick. As it turns out, I'm not getting a Wii U as of now, so fuck it. Video Games.... I keep buying them, because that's what I do. Maybe a video game needs to find me. It happens. Keep on playing.


Claude's Candy Corner: With Love for Gods and the Prostitute.

We love them. We play them. We pay them. We come back for more.
If ever I describe my feelings of longevity stop me, but Dishonored was full of ripe love wasted on a few missteps of love misinterpreted. Love me long, but don't whiskey dick my ass. But I will replay with nothing but supreme chaos intended.
When will I show my finishing move in any video game lore such as Mark of the Ninja, when I plan on it, that's when. Seriously, there's something wrong with Mark of the Ninja's save system. Damn, fuck it. Maybe I'm too simple to grasp it. It's just too big for me.
I once played a game to just play it.
Anno sounds dirty so we Americans call it Dawn of Discovery. But 1404 is the size of my adventure reacquainted. Sometimes the pleasure gets to be too much with micromanagement and all, but the outcome is pure joy.
On the cheap side of town: NBA playing on the other side of the tracks. Civ Rev...speaking of other side, dark side. 
Batman: Arkham City ain't that good. Not feeling it. I haven't been returning phone calls.
Why do PC players bitch about people playing PC games with an Xbox 360 controller? Hell, it's the PC...Personal Choice.  
So much to finish, when do we really finish. This blog is done. 


Claude's Candy Corner: It's A Trap!

Don't look at me. Don't you fucking look at me. I'm playing video games...    
Mark of the Ninja is killer in every aspect of its being. Being played by me of course. Play me, just play me, it says. 


I wanna play old again. What will it be? Half Life 2 and its episodes you say. Maybe...
Dishonored looks, well, last gen, but the gameplay seems intriguing. Does it not? 
Fucking Peggle... are you kidding me?
In a world
of video games
there stands one supreme
we will never know that dream.
Wii U dream. It comes and goes and comes and goes again. A little like the old in and out if you ask me. I'm fucked when it comes to the Wii U dream.  
Tethered souls of game consoles. They make or break our dreams. Still no PS3 this gen, meh, gen my ass, I missed games. I missed out. Never say never...
A world apart. I now work for money. Got a job. 4 on 4 off 12 hour days. I work nights. Culture change. 
May your video game dreams come true and let the next game be your true addiction. Passion is priceless and video games cost money. 
Play them hard and play them to win. Unless that's not your pleasure, then play them to grin... grief not young soul, your time will come.

Claude's Candy Corner: A run on XBL Arcade

The runs. They're nasty no matter the take. You piss out your ass and seem to piss away any nutrition in return. What you buy is always a mistake.
Quick look, quick fix, fun for points and no return. Unless you know the pun. Fun...
The Walking Dead is worth every wait. Every moment is a pure take in a world where gameplay takes place. 
To play, to play the game, marks your grave.
Market, that's us, mark it. 
I ain't no fool, but I've been fooled. I know when a game is good or bad and when it's my fault on the prior. 
It's hard to get into games when you're just searching for that...something. Trials Evolution...something. It's a video game. 
I'm not sure where I am now with my gaming. It's such a hit and miss. Nothing has a taste anymore. Except The Walking Dead. 
Should I pull the trigger on the next...?
Video Games

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Claude's Candy Corner: Living with Spaces...

To play the game. That's the thing.
To finish is another game among itself.
I've played and loved many.
Mass Effect 3 rocked as I played it with the future ventures so fuck you other motherfuckers. I finished just fine, thank you.
Call of Pripyat was a pleasure but not beyond the Shadow of Chernobyl. 
Witcher 2 was a pleasure among the few that brought pleasure to a few that bought this pleasure.
Video games are becoming secondary as my love for others and life become evolved. 
You gamers have seen it all before. As I grow, I lose interest. Claude now lives on the Darkside. Absolutes have become my favor....favour.... 
Please excuse me as I browse video games. But still play video games.
On the Dark Side...


Wii Death

My Wii will turn on but there's no menu screen. It's dead Jim. It's dead. I might send it in to Nintendo. You know, because I still play my Wii.
Nintendo is going to fix it for free. Go Nintendo!