Dan's top 20 games of 2019

2019 was a wonderful year of games for me, I had a really hard time coming up with this list. So many games really connected with me this year. Here are the best 20 games I played this year.

List items

  • The Metro series of games has always been one of my favourites. And Exodus takes thing to the next level, Adding in an open world and keeping the tense choice laden themes of the past. Visually amazing to look at especially with the ray tracing enabled. And the best game play in the series.

  • Control is a fun game, I am a huge fan of Remedy and they continue to make amazing games. Visually stunning and once again a wonderful showcase for ray tracing.

  • A tighter fallout? yes thank you. I love obsidian's work and they show Bethesda how it is possible to make a fallout style rpg without the insane amount of bugs. Shorter but much tighter than the fallout games, wonderful writing a cool world of planets to explore and some of the best companions in a game yet.

  • Disco Elysium has some of the best writing in a game ever. I really enjoyed this game so much and the choices you make and the amount of dice checks is so great. Play Disco

  • Plague Tale: Innocence came out of nowhere for me and blew me away, I have played multiple times, one of the most beautiful games and the story is great, The game falters a bit at the end in my opinion otherwise it would be even higher on my list.

  • Wonderful sci fi, deals with multiverse in a way never seen in a video game before, it is very stylish and really cool playing an AI in a game.

  • This game is amazing, The sense of exploration it gives you and every time you pick it up you are learning more about the world and putting things together. This game is amazing, the sense of explor..............

  • This game blew me away I didn't expect much from it especially after the first few times game play was shown and the fact that I am not a huge star wars fan but wow it was so good. Super fun and beautiful.

  • Another amazing Sci fi game, a really great story about the survival of humanity. Tacoma meets Syberia.

  • Zachtronics always make engaging games, but there first time at a narrative driven visual novel was an awesome surprise just how great it turned out.

  • This remake was so good, it really felt like a modern game while still hearkening back to the original game and bring that nostalgia.

  • Another game I had the lowest expectations for and was shocked with how great the world felt and the story and characters were really great.

  • My first cab driving simulator on this list, really cool story and great visuals and music.

  • I wish this game was higher, it was such a great year for games, LiS2 really told a wonderful story heartbreaking at times. DONTNOD is one of my favourite developers out there.

  • Second of my cab driving simulators, Night Call is a great detective noir story while having wonderful writing and music.

  • Stylish as fuck, and fun to play. My only problem is that I suck at DMC5.

  • Who would have ever thought this game would turn out as great as it did. The best metrovania in a very long time.

  • The occupation is really wonderful it's a cool story set in an alternative history version of the 1980s England. A super great immersive sim.

  • The story in heaven's vault is really wonderful, figuring out a language is a cool neat gameplay mechanic and the music is so great.

  • This game has a pretty great story, it is short but the style of the diffrent games you play feel so much like old arcade games.