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GOTY 2011

My own person favorite games of 2011, in the order in which I preferred them.

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  • Fantastic story, game-play, powers, dialogue, and both endings were shocking (ha) and heavy. The new powers were great and no other game makes you feel like a bad-ass quite like this. Words can not begin to explain how much I love this game. This is one of my favorite games of all time!

  • This game had a great story as well and was far and away better then any other FPS campaign ever. It had the awesome weapon variety and the great story which come together to make a fantastic game that is, in my opinion, a must have for all fans of the FPS genre.

  • This game was the most fun I've had playing local co-op in a long time. It is cute and charming and deserves to be played by everyone.

  • This is an amazing fighting game with lots of variety and is a game that casual people can sit down and have fun mashing while those who wish to put time into it can become unstoppable.

  • This game is an absolute blast to play with kids. Your characters level up and get new abilities and using the portal never gets old. Who would have thought this would be the best gotta catch them all since Pokemon.

  • This game was very disappointing to me on the story side of things. I really expected more from Naughty Dog, and often times it looked like the set pieces took priority over the story. Still a fantastic game with very fun co-op and three team death match but the story (especially when I think back to how great the story in the Jak and Daxter games was) left me feeling that they could have done more.

  • Despite the online being broken at times I still had a great time with this game and felt it had a great story, not just for a fighting game.

  • While the premise of this game sounded great it never felt like the community ever took off with this game like they did with the first game. I also thought that the menu's were clunkier than in the first and felt that the game lost a lot of its charm when people in the story mode cut scenes would talk. Even with these complaints this game is still a blast to play with others both online and off and has tons of variety.

  • Despite what other people have said about this game, I think it was a fun, faithful remake of the mercenaries mode. It has enough characters and stages to feel varied and is easy to pick up and play in short bursts and at the end of the day, isn't that what portable gaming is all about?

  • A great game that was both rewarding and challenging, I truly enjoyed how unique everyones character and play style is. I also thought that the summoning into and invading of worlds was a nice way to handle the multiplayer.