My Top 13 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

These are my most anticipated games of the year as of January 1, 2013. Maybe all of these games will end up being poop and my game of the year list will feature none of these games. Maybe the next Smash Bros. will come out this year or some other game that has yet to be announced and knock my socks off. Who knows? As of now though, these games have peaked my curiosity and gained my full attention.

List items

  • After that amazing story trailer they released this year I am officially calling it quits on any more information regarding this game (or at least I will try). I am officially sold on the concept of this game and it cannot come soon enough. Naughty Dog has yet to make a bad game, and I can't imagine them starting now.

  • One of my favorite games of this generation is Heavy Rain. Seeing Quantic Dream work on a new game starring Ellen Page is more then enough to get me excited. Plus she has a ghost friend! She is like that girl from Casper all grown up!

  • Will this finally be the console quality first person shooter we were promised since before the system was even called the Vita? With Sony working on this baby internally I think it is pretty safe to say "hell yea!"

  • God of War is fun. Nobody does hack and slash the way that Sony Santa Monica does it, and the graphics for this new one look beautiful. Throw in some multiplayer that looks like nothing I've ever seen before and you have my interest peaked.

  • An adorable looking 3D platformer from Media Molecule. It looks every bit as charming and adorable as LittleBigPlanet, what more needs to be said?

  • Grand Theft Auto Lego style! I am a sucker for the lighthearted Lego games, and this one has you playing as an undercover cop. Sounds awesome to me.

  • I loved BioShock, and I think the aesthetic for infinite looks gorgeous. However the number of times this has been delayed has me a little nervous.

  • Going back to San Andreas, the best Grand Theft Auto location. Could this game take the title of most fun, goofy open-world game crime game away from Saints Row 2?

  • This Demon Souls looking Vita title looks like a lot of fun. The concept of needing to sacrifice in order to do the bad-ass in game stuff seems interesting.

  • A new Sly Cooper game where we get to meet the old bastards that wrote the Thievius Raccoonus. And it's on Vita too!

  • Platformers are fun, and this one stars puppets. Puppets are neat, and therefore I am looking forward to this game.

  • When was the last time we got a good Marvel game (besides Marvel vs Capcom)? The Marvel universe is long overdue for a good action game and this looks like just the game to kick Marvel out of its shitty games rut.

  • Am I disappointed that NetherRealm decided to make this instead of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe 2? You bet your ass I am. However, the MK team knows how to tell a good story and I am interested to see how it plays out in this game with good guys gone bad.