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Best of 2012

This list will not include the overrated games of the year including but not limited to

  • Diablo 3
  • Max Payne 3
  • Mass Effect 3
  • Anything with a 3
  • Borderlands 2
  • Dishonored
  • Mark of the Ninja

I wanted Mark of the Ninja to be something special but its just an average game. Game sites have vastly overrated all the games listed above and considering this year many took to sexism in games they must have forgotten what makes a game good

Also Spec Ops: The Line, because the devs said "Not playing the game is a perfectly reasonable way to play" (paraphrased) So I wont play mediocre to experience a forced story that says "Violence is bad! Why did you keep playing this violent game you violent violenter?"

I also want to add Chris Redfield's campaign in Resident Evil 6 was a fantastic experience when I played it. The game may have been bad but I was completely engaged with his campaign all the way through and wasnt aggravated by the gameplay. Later through the rest of the campaigns I knew the game wasnt good but I had a great time during that part compared to everything else above.

You can go ahead and be upset

List items

  • A weak game but fantastic character story telling. I havent cared about characters like this in a long time and couldnt have been happier with resolutions to many of them. Kenny could be the most complete character of the year the way I experienced it. Telltale is know for their Point and Click Adventures but now they will be known for their characters

  • I didnt expect this game to be as great as it was or engaging, but I ended up caring about my grunt soldiers that had been with me for most of my missions because I led them to their deaths with poor management. The game has enough room for you to explore the research items and acquire weapons and armor at your pace.

  • For AgaTHHHHAAAAAAAAA! Another Kickstarter success with FTL: Faster Than Light, Chivalry is amazing. The combat is nice and deep in a setting that needs more coverage besides the Mount and Blade series. Gather a bunch of people and engage in the visceral combat with your Maul hammer! I want to play more just thinking about it!

  • This game really goes for it. The visuals, story, and combat really set it apart from anything else this year. It may take a second to get used to the look and play style but once you figure out how to clear a room with a door and baseball bat, it is a fun time. Death comes frequent but the quick respawn make it hard to stop until you finish a level

  • A game that also brings the death quick and randomly, FTL is creative enough while being addictive. You take your ship and crew and travel through the stars hoping to avoid the large amount of danger waiting for you every jump. Be careful when you inspect that next distress signal, because it make contain a disease that will claim a crew member, or house a ship full of mantis aliens, or may have the fuel you need, or...

  • The first surprise of the year, True Crime! The canceled True Crime game refreshed me on the open world driving genre that I assumed I was done with, although I may blame the combat tackle for that. When you run up to someone and tackle them off a roof or bridge above busy traffic off into the street below is just WONDERFUL. Go tackle someone

  • I was never really into Tekken and Street Fighter X Tekken wasnt going to help with that. It wasnt until later in the year when I managed to play Tekken Tag 2 with a friend and his girlfriend and have a blast not knowing what I was doing but willing to play more and learn the basics so I could see more tag combos and juggles. I am still bad at the game and lose a majority of the time, but it doesnt bother me by how much fun I have and how great it feels.

  • While I only played a little bit of Spelunky HD, I have been playing the original Spelunky on PC for 4 years. I conquered it not too long ago and it felt great. I was waiting for a PC version of the HD remake with its new look, music, physics, and new secrets all year but it hasnt happened yet.

  • A game that didnt need to exist or even be good at being an actual fighting game, Persona 4 Arena surprised with its great mechanics, balance, story expansion, and online play.

  • This game garnered a ton of undeserved hate for being a "different" entry into the series while following the series formula very close. The disguse system was somewhat similar to the system in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, the multiple ways to achieve success in the level is reflective of Hitman: Contracts, and the multiple ways to be creative with the kills as in Hitman: Blood Money. It had many problems but was still very enjoyable plus the new Contracts mode is a great way to discover neat ways to achieve the Hit while remaining undiscovered...or not