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Mini Reviews

Having a busy life prevents me from writing as many reviews as I would like to. Here's some mini-reviews for games I don't have much to say on. In most cases, I probably didn't finish them.

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  • A good shooter in the similar field of RE4. You can however, make an argument for Dead Space 2 being a FPS Doom 3. This game is well designed, but totally losses focus during the last third.

    Score: 3/5

  • Weird enough, Bulletstorm's over-the-top nature is a breath of fresh air. This game manages to make unlikable characters likable. If you're looking to get away from the standard military FPS carnival this industry has become, look no further than Bulletstorm. Score: 4/5

  • MVC3′s reticules screen-filling combos are a sight to behold. This is a fighter that’s easy to get into and has the roster that anyone can build a team of characters they find awesome.

    Score: 4/5

  • An easy pick up and play arcade title that's charming and offeres enough variety in challenges to keep things fresh through the course of the game. SCORE: 4/5

  • It's great how the cars in this game are combative without the game turning into a full-fledged car-combat game. Burnout fans will feel right at home with the sense of speed, and Need for Speed fans will be excited that this franchise is relevant again. Hot Pursuit also brings score chasing to the table with its Facebook-style wall postings. Instead of conquering meaningless lap times the game encourages you to out-race your friends. SCORE: 4/5

  • Brotherhood is the most complete Assassin's Creed game to date. The main game provides hours of engrossing entertainment. Shockingly Ubisoft somehow took stealth, 3rd person action, and melee combat mechanics and crafted an excellent competitive multiplayer portion. This is easily one of 2010's best games. SCORE: 5/5

  • There's a good game in Tron: Evolution fighting to get out. It's too bad that the game never comes into fruition and is another obligatory marketing device. Everything that's good about Evolution can probably be traced to someone's personal liking of Tron. SCORE: 2/5

  • This game is so fucking weird. No, Deadly Premonition isn't a good game. However, people who can appreciate quirky fun will probably fall in love. SCORE: 3/5

  • I'm shocked that a kids game can contain the charm and adventure that complements the movie. As fun as the game is, the simple mechanics probably won't carry you through the entire game. SCORE: 3/5

  • A simple kids game with stealth and platforming elements. Might be a decent pick for kids. It also has easy points. SCORE: 2/5

  • How bad is Naughty Bear? About as bad as shoving nails in your eyes. This game is literally bad in every way a game can be bad. SCORE: 1/5

  • The AI in this game is punishing. 5D's singleplayer gives new players little to combat the over-powered competition. It doesn't help the game itself and the UI looks like ass. SCORE: 1/5

  • Considering you can play Quake 3 online for free, Arena Arcade has little excuse to exist. I thought it might be cool to play against people who aren't insanely good. Unfortunately playing with a controller is too weird and the lobbies are completely dead. SCORE: 1/5

  • Weird story you probably wont care about upon fishing. Now you can set up the game to take you directly into multiplayer when launched. If you played Modern Warfare 2, you know what you're getting into. Just more communism and less Space. SCORE: 5/5

  • This game is crazy! It has all the color and style of and adds ludicrous gameplay changes. Dude, I ate 30 ghosts at once. Fuuuuuuuuuck! SCORE: 5/5

  • Rock Band 3 perfects everything the series has done thus far. I wish the Keyboard was fun to play in more songs, however. SCORE: 5/5

  • Dude, did you play Fallout 3? You want more of that? I thought I did, but going through another 30 hours of similar content isn't my thing. Also, the game is totally busted. SCORE: 3/5

  • The battle system may be slim on features, but the overall charm in this funny Halloween game makes this title a must play. SCORE: 5/5

  • The multiplayer is completely throwaway. However, the singleplayer has some truly awesome moments. Despite having segments of incredible entertainment, MOH as a whole, is a mediocre package. SCORE: 3/5

  • Dead Rising 2 is messed up. However, is messed up in ways that entice you to keep playing through this rewarding adventure through Fortune City. Your enjoyment on this game will probably be on par with how much you enjoyed the original. This time, you can bring a friend! It makes fighting psychopaths a lot easier. SCORE: 4/5

  • Case Zero will get you pumped for Dead Rising 2. This 2 hour experience is only $5 and will satisfy that zombie genocide itch you have. SCORE: 5/5

  • The first Crackdown was a good game that set a great foundation. Unfortunately, this sequel did literally nothing to build upon the previous title. Crackdown 2 is set in the same city and sets the player on an uninspired quest to take control of key points in the city. The mission structure is so barebones, the singleplayer feels like bonus objectives in a bigger game. SCORE: 2/5

  • Transformers: War For Cybertron is a fun action game. There's nothing more to it than that. This game is a 3rd Person Shooter that's a great way to blow 8 hours of your life, but don't expect much more than a dumb good time. SCORE: 3/5

  • This humorous action-RPG takes you through an entertaining a colorful singleplayer adventure that's different enough to set itself apart from games like Torchlight and Diablo. DeathSpank is great for RPG fans, but some people might not find it's slapstick humor entertaining. SCORE: 4/5

  • Starcraft is is easily the best traditional RTS game on the market. It's fine-tuned multiplayer is as addictive and invigorating as ever, and Blizzard even crafted an amazing single-player as well. SCORE: 5/5

  • It's not too different than its predecessor, but Mario Galaxy 2 is a shinning example of the high quality first-party Nintendo design. Everything from the adventure, soundtrack, and platforming is top-notch. Time to dust off that Wii!

    SCORE: 5/5

  • This game has a terrible UI. However, once you get past the interface and learn where everything is, you'll discover a fun and addictive tycoon experience. It's also pretty cheap on Steam. SCORE: 3/5

  • This open world game felt like a breath of fresh air from the typical concrete jungle GTA environment. Redemption is one of the highest quality games with the greatest attention to detail I have ever seen. It is a must play. SCORE: 5/5

  • This second trip to Rapture is totally unnecessary. Bioshock 2 merely didn't grab me like the original game did. You play as a big daddy that can utilize plasmids and die just as easy as a regular dude. That's kind of silly. This game is another case of a sequel that obviously exists to cash in on the excitement the previous game established. Bioshock 2 plays just as good, if not better. However, Bioshock 1 was great because of the new setting and atmosphere. That's where this game falls flat. Score: 3/5