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GoTY 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me because I defected from the Microsoft Alliance (2007-2013) and started drinking the PS3DS Kool-Aid. I'm thankful for the memories and craziness that came with my Xbox 360, but as a person with no intentions of getting the Xbox One, it only made sense to fully commit to the Sony Family once more. Bar any sort of tragic freak accident, I should have everything that I need to enjoy the games that come out over the next couple of years:





I'd add a Wii U into the mix, but then it wouldn't be nearly as much fun to poke fun at the Wii U and the craziness that surrounds it. I have nothing but love for Nintendo, but I bully 'em because I'm jealous. Jealous because they did the right thing and saved Platinum! I love Platinum Games and the things they do, but as a person that gives zero fucks about Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong, there's not enough to justify me purchasing another console. Not yet, anyway. Until that day arrives, I'll continue to admire Wii U owners from afar while they do awesome combos in Bayonetta 2. With some form of alcohol in hand.

On to my favorite games of 2013!*

*Not listed are the numerous games I played that didn't come out this year. Seriously, if I included them, there'd be two Yakuza games, another showing of P4: Golden, and a whole lot of niche shit.

Honorable Mention:

Shoutouts to Killer is Dead (KiD) for being a big bundle of wasted potential. The game has all the style in the world and enough goofiness to become a blip on Bayonetta's radar, but the gameplay is so bland that it almost doesn't matter. If they spent a little more time improving the swordplay instead of coming up with ways to get Mondo some booty, they might've had something special on their hands. In the end, Suda got my money and I spent enough time to get all of the trophies, so it couldn't have been that bad.



List items

  • Much like in real life, basketball has the ability to draw a lot of emotion from me. NBA 2k14 has its flaws (lack of customization in MyCareer comes to mind), but as a whole, it is probably the most fun I've had with a basketball game in a long time.

  • I've played my fair share of FE games/hacks in the past, but there's enough content in FE:Awakening to please newcomers and old souls alike. The characters are great, the writing is appropriate, and the music is stellar. Oh, and the waifus are amazing if that's your sort of thing. If you need someplace to start with the SRPG genre, feel free to dive in with this entry.

  • Over the course of 256 hours, I've hatched at least 500 eggs, battled a couple hundred people, EV trained three parties of Perfect-IV Pokemon, and found myself overwhelmed with a childlike giddyness that I haven't experienced since the original Pokemon Red and Blue. The main story is pretty ass, but breeding, battling, and trading were all activities that kept me engaged long after the story's conclusion.


  • Platinum Games developed it and it is delicious. The soundtrack isn't Nier-tier, but there are some songs on there that make me cheese like some sort of weirdo. Bayonetta and Fei Rin are OP, but it's okay! I love this game anyway!

  • The Last of Us is a good game, but it becomes a great game once the zombies take a step back and the Humans enter the fray. Why? Simple! I'm able to become the "Hunter" instead of the "Hunted." Stealth is encouraged over the course of the game, but I had much more fun when I kept it to a minimum, put on my 'Jason Vorhees' face, and picked people off one by one. The bricks are there for a reason, people!


    The Multiplayer is a lot of fun with friends and I spent many hours collecting supplies. Give it a try and don't be put off by the people in Week 500+. They just have a lot of time on their hands, m'kay?

  • Of the "Big Three," I believe that GTA V was the middle child. It did a lot of things well, but as a complete package, it comes up short when compared to other experiences that I had this year. The driving is fine and the shooting is tolerable, but a lot of the characters are pretty bland. For every Lamar "LD" Davis, there are three forgettable chumps that do little more than give you a mission briefing. GTA V gets some points for its soundtrack (Kendrick Lamar, Eddie Murphy, and Britney Spears? Oh yes!), but GTA Online isn't able to capture the full extent of the craziness that people want from the series.

  • Of the "Big Three" that came out this year, Bioshock Infinite was the one that had the weakest impression on me. The gameplay was serviceable and the story resolved in an interesting manner, but Elizabeth is the real winner in my eyes. Over the course of the game, I found myself genuinely interested in her and her story, so uh, yeah... Elizabeth is the seventh best game of 2013 for me.

  • As a person that loves fighting games but refuses to put in time in Training Mode, this game was a gift from above. Kick is annoying, Jefailey is pretty good, and MR.N IS GODLIKE. I love mindgames.

  • It's a pretty solid game with nice character customization and belts. Lots and lots of belts. One of those series with the potential to become AMAZING if Capcom stops sitting on their thumbs and fixes all the flaws.

  • The Etrian Odyssey games aren't known for their stories, but I spent many hours leveling up my party, drawing maps, and humming along with the music in the background. It's a very solid game, yo.