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Games of my childhood/some adulthood

These are the games that helped shape me into the man I am today. This list is totally random. Just added them as they came to me.

List items

  • The first game I got on the first console I completely owned (shared all the ones before this one with my sisters). Funny thing is, I only got this game because I couldn't find FF7. Enjoyed this game way more than 7.

  • First game (other than Mario or Sonic 2) I ever beat twice. Loved every second of this game.

  • FIrst game I ever beat (with a little help from my sister). Can't tell you how many times I'd curse my mom's name when she told me to turn off the Nintendo so she can watch tv.

  • My first gaming obsession. I couldn't put this game down. Reason I wanted my mom to buy me my own tv.

  • First game by which I was blown away by its graphics. Beautiful game, even to this day.

  • First game where I discovered true co-op. Me and my buddies probably spent about as much time hitting each other as the baddies.

  • Probably the game I've spent the most time with, even to this day. Whether playing with friends or alone, I was constantly trying to get better at this game.

  • Ultimate game for the N64, in my opinion. Great game, great sound, great gameplay. Loved it. Getting all 120 stars was a bitch, but what an accomplishment. Game that introduced me to online game FAQs.

  • First game I stayed up all night playing. Friends and me would stay up for days trying to get those mirror tracks (we kind of sucked at the game).

  • First game I got on my first current-gen system (360). Looked forward to this game for months, and wasn't even planning on getting a 360. Game kind of shaped my current gaming habits.

  • Game that introduced me to online multiplayer. Wasn't too huge on the game, really, but that online was pretty sweet the little time I played it.

  • Maybe a little too new to really belong on this list, but what a game. First game in years, YEARS, I was not going to be denied beating in a single weekend. Good thing it snowed that weekend, and I didn't have to go to work on Friday.

  • Game that helped me introduce my fiancee to achievements. She obsessed to get those on this game, and would later to fiend on casual arcade games. She still has a mildly low score (in the 5000s I believe) but this game was her launching post.

  • Game that showed me I could stare at an iPhone screen for hours. This game is fun no matter the platform.

  • Only SNES game I've played on a SNES. Also one of the best I've ever played, period.