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Best of 2010

Hamz: Best of 2010

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  • Each new iteration of the already brilliantly refined Assassin's Creed series brings with it a new layer of polish and AC: Brotherhood is no exception. Adding a much deeper single player experience, with an intriguing story and set of characters, that continues on from exactly where its predecessor ended. As well as a new multiplayer component that feels like a natural fit for the series. Allowing players to pit their wits against one another in a hunt and be hunted scenario. It's this constant sense of improvement and refinement to an already successful formula that secures Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood the top spot on my list.

  • Drawing inspiration from games like Zelda and God of War it manages to combine those elements into a worthy and exemplary homage to both. With a combat system that has a fair bit of depth, challenge and accessibility too it. For a game set during the Apocalypse it has a visual design that is as unique and memorable as it is colourful.

  • Never has a game been more worthy of being described as epic than this one. From those initial moments right up until the credits rolled. No game does combat quite as viscerally or manages to capture a sense of scale like GoW3 does. Some of the finest and most detailed visuals in a game as well as a fitting ending for one of the grandest and bloodiest stories told in a video game.

  • As bold as it is beautiful, no other game this year has done what Heavy Rain did in providing an emotionally charged story and atmosphere. With one of the most memorable scenes, and control schemes, in video game history. It emphasised the impact our choices have on the outcome of our experience.

  • Carving a name for itself on this list in large part to it being in the same vein as games like BioShock and Half-Life 2. But with the added bonus of time-bending abilities, solid gunplay as well as a story and atmosphere that was truly interesting to experience.

  • One of the most thrilling and exciting experiences to be had in a first person shooter accompanied by some of the most interesting characters in the Call of Duty series. All of that combined with the familiar but improved formula from its predecessors makes for a compelling game.

  • Very few first person shooters can claim to have some of the best sound design, destructible environments and the ability to inject some humour into their game quite as well as Bad Company 2 does. It's because of this that it managed to cement itself a place on my list.

  • Combine a roster of familiar and popular characters, lots of unlockable content as well as power-ups that feel useful and fun to use. And you have yourself one of the finest most entertaining and fun kart racers to play that has been released in recent years.

  • The brilliantly stylised visual design of the game, the bevy of beautiful cars and the challenges to overcome in each race. Not to mention the sound of an incoming shunt attack still manages to inspire a feeling of dread in me. All these things add up to help Blur earn its place on this list.

  • Few games manage to capture the feeling of high speed racing and the dangers that lurk around each turn quite like Split/Second does. With its over the top action and extraordinary set pieces it definitely left some memorable moments unlike any other this year.