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Best of 2009

My top ten games of 2009!

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  • A perfect example of how a game can lend itself to being both a fine cinematic and interactive experience creating an end result that is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Providing an extremely strong single player campaign with a thoroughly adequate selection of online modes to try out, Uncharted 2 is my GOTY for 2009.

  • A game from a little known developer that not only managed to capture the essence of and stay true to the source material of Batman but also provide a thoroughly entertaining and thrilling experience as well. By far one of the finest stealth and combat games to be released in a long time, and most definitely a shining example of how to best use a creative license.

  • In a year with many open-world games released this was by and large the best of the bunch. It captured the feel of a comic book tale of an ordinary man who finds himself with extraordinary powers perfectly. Presenting a 'coming of age' story to the character of Cole while providing brilliant platforming and free roaming that few games have done just so well before.

  • Presentation means a lot in a game and thankfully this one does it very well. The visual and audio quality in the game is very satisfying and the constant air of tension as the story unfolds was highly appreciated. In a genre where story takes the back seat a lot of the time, it was refreshing to see a shooter try and focus on presenting a good blend of action and plot.

  • In a genre where focus is more on story or moral choices it was a breathe of fresh air to see this game appear. A game that focuses on good old fashioned dungeon-crawling-loot-storing fun rather than fancy visuals or game mechanics. It may be simple in design and look, but it does a lot of small things so well and to such great effect it truly is a little gem.

  • Very few sequels to games can actually be said to have improved on their predecessors with the same level of efficiency and quality that this game has done. A lot of fun, entertainment and joy is to be had from a game with a much more interesting story, lead character and beautifully rendered world coupled with more thoughtful collectibles this time around.

  • It's always great to see an old franchise get a reboot and even better when that reboot isn't simply rehashing over old material with upgraded visuals. While split between five episodes they all combine to make one brilliant and extremely entertaining package with a sense of humour that is hard to find in many other games. Truly a unique title in its own right.

  • Few games have managed to nail the feel and experience of a military shooter quite like this one has. While never straying far from the successful model created by its predecessor it still adds enough to make it feel just as fresh and exciting. An addictive multiplayer and strong set pieces in its action packed single player make it a truly enjoyable experience.

  • There aren't many games that manage to have quite so much charm and addictive personality to them like this one does. Through a combination of intense strategy and odd humour coupled with a wide array of unique and very addictive game modes. A lot of fun and entertainment can be had that few 'big budget' games manage to emulate in quite the same way.

  • One of the most visually unique games to date that chooses to go for an utterly absurd and alien feel to its artistic choice of design that creates some beautiful landscapes and strange creatures. Combined with the brilliantly visceral first person melee combat that feels strangely therapeutic it truly is an odd but entirely fun and enjoyable experience to play through.