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The top ten most bad ass characters to exist...ever...EVER!

List items

  • A mortal man that not only killed the God of War and claimed his place on Mount Olympus but managed to kill untold numbers of Greek Heroes along the way. Only to be turned back into a mortal and proceed to slaughter pretty much everything that crossed his path...

  • Literally designed to be a one man army Spartan's are a force to be reckoned with and what better person to back you up than the best Spartan of all? He may not be the chattiest of guys but he'll finish the fight no matter what.

  • A terrible dancer he may be but Shepard has gone up against such tremendously overwhelming odds and come out on top on so many occasions it's astonishing. Not always unscathed mind you, but he's still managed to save the day more than enough times to earn his place on this list.

  • He's the Goddamn Batman!

  • One of the Four Horseman, he's fought the champions of Heaven and the hordes of Hell and done so with a ferocity unlike any other. Not to mention he sort of prematurely brought about the Apocalypse itself...

  • He's an old man sure but he's kicked a lot of butt in his time while managing to keep his own in such good shape for a guy his age!

  • He's saved the day on more than one occasion even being blamed for some of them along the way. All while maintaining that perfectly trimmed moustache...

  • He's survived more Zombie Apocalypse's than you or I could ever hope to imagine.


  • He may be an emotional mess at the best of times but he's gone up against some of the Galactic Empire's finest and brushed them aside. I mean he pulled a bloody Star Destroyer out of orbit for crying out loud!