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Ten guys I'd hang out with for a weekend!

A list of ten, in no particular order, guys who appear in video games that I'd consider chilling out with one weekend.

List items

  • He's a scientist that kicks ass. A weekend with Gordon would likely be spent in a lab cooking up crazy scientific experiments. Just don't expect much conversation to take place.

  • A rogue, ruffian, rebel and badass. A weekend with Jim likely involves learning how to drink whiskey, shoot guns and appreciate fine Southern music. So basically learning how to be a real man!

  • He came to chew bubblegum and kickass and he's all out of gum. A weekend with the Duke involves babes, bullets and well the aforementioned bubblegum if you have some.

  • Charming, roguish and always scraping by. A weekend with Nate probably means flying off to some far flung exotic locale in search of some ancient relics and getting all flirty with the ladies!

  • Anti-social, violent and oozing testosterone. A weekend with Kratos probably involves a lot of blood, cutting fools and wondering why big circle, triangle, square and cross buttons appear in the air all the time...

  • He's a one eyed black Scottish cyclops. A weekend with him will likely result in the loss of one or more body parts. But oh boy what a story you'll have for the grandchildren though!

  • With a moustache like his, no words can truly ever describe him. A weekend with Cpt. Price will only end up with you spending time in a Russian Gulag. Probably best to have a good lawyer on call, just in case!

  • A polite, sophisticated and trustworthy guy. A weekend with York would no doubt involve some sort of adventure since the guy is clearly tripping balls almost 24/7 with his imaginary friends. Ain't that right Zach?

  • He's a mighty pirate, all that needs saying there really. A weekend with Guybrush would involve a lot of sailing, adventuring and most important of all, insult sword-fighting. Shiver me timbers!

  • A monster hunter, womaniser and man who holds his drink. A weekend with Geralt would likely involve going down dark tunnels fighting monsters before being rewarded with wine, women and song!