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  • Bayonetta is the titular character of the 2010 PS3/360 action game from Platinum Games. The angel-hunting witch comes complete with guns on her feet and hair that morphs into stilettos and dragons.

  • A character from the game Bayonetta. Jeanne is a rival of Bayonettas and is from the same witch clan as her. Jeanne utilizes the same fighting style as Bayonetta due to their shared training, and possesses many similar weapons and powers.

  • 'Jubileus', or sometimes 'Jubileus, The Creator', is the final boss of Bayonetta.

  • Star of the TV show "Annie: Girl of the Stars" (Peacock's favorite show), and potential Skullgirls DLC character.

  • Black Dahlia is a minor character in Skullgirls and a potential DLC character listed on the games' Indiegogo page.

  • The final boss of Story Mode in Skullgirls and the current skullgirls

  • A tumbling, soaring dynamo of star power, Cerebella is admired for her enormous strength and alluring curves.

  • Once just an ordinary schoolgirl, Filia woke up one day without any memories and an unruly mop of demonic hair in the form of the Parasite Samson.

  • The daughter of the River King, Minette works at Yu-Wan's diner and is completely enamored with Ms. Fortune.

  • Mrs. Victoria is Filia and Painwheel's teacher in Skullgirls. She shows up in their stories, as well as as the instructor for the player in the game's story mode.

  • A pun-loving cat burglar, Ms. Fortune is a feline humanoid of the undead persuasion.

  • The military leader and princess of Canopy Kingdom, Parasoul fights with poise and dignity using her living umbrella, Kreig.

  • The magnum opus of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs, Peacock is a mechanical monstrosity built from a broken little girl.