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Top 5 games I played in 2016 GOTY

So I didn't play a lot this year.


I spent a decent amount of time playing games this year but for the wrong reasons.


Here's my top 5! (I did this in 15 minutes)

JP Master race

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    So there was this campaign, you started out as generic Joe and there was this robot that's not Optimus Prime. They were both pretty cool with eachother and I liked it. Also the shooting feels real nice almost like Call of Duty 4.

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    After Bloodborne I was ready to jump back into a Souls games. Boy I was sure wrong about being ready because I kept hitting the wrong buttons because of Bloodborne haha. For reals though, this game is a lot better than 2 and I appreciated that they didn't recycle too much content from previous games. First DLC sucks though...

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    This game is as good as SIGN and all the additions made it so much better. The balance isn't super busted, the new characters are fun, story still sucks ass and the netcode is great. Met some good people because of this game.

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    Blizzard made one hell of a shooter because I love this game. Let me tell you that I avoid FPS like the plague unless something about the design that intrigues me. The shooting in this game is very forgivable and beginner friendly which made me like this game even more. It's too bad about the community though. They suck in all ways.

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    God I love this game. I played the First game 4 times and clocked in about 128 hours and I plan to do the same with this. I'm not gonna go into details about anything because this is a direct sequel but it's more of the same but more tuned in the mechanics department. God I love this game.