Games Completed: 2013

Another year, another list of my completed games.

List items

  • Completed January 1. After celebrating the new year with my girlfriend and family, I took to my bed and eventually overcame the difficult Dracula before waking up and greeting the year anew with my first game down. Read about it here:

  • Completed January 12. My family gifted me this for Christmas and it was a blast! I don't play platformers all that much but I had a lot of fun with this. The stages were varied and pretty tough towards the end. Now that I've beaten it, a whole other world of special stages has opened up so I'm definitely not done with it yet.

  • Completed February 24. I've had this for a long time, but ignored it for whatever reason. What a mistake! This game blew my socks off! Read about it here:

  • Completed April 8. I played this alongside a friend of mine in our attempt to be part of the zeitgeist surrounding Fire Emblem: Awakening. Since we both owned this game, we chose to play this instead of running out and purchasing a new game. I had actually written of the strategy-RPG genre previously. I love the concept of the genre, but am usually too stupid to do well. Somehow, I managed to rock the boat and dominate this game. A solid game! Read about it here:

  • Completed April 15.

  • Completed April 23. Wow!

  • Completed May 5.

  • Completed May 13.

  • Completed May 25.

  • Completed June 8.

  • Completed July 1.

  • Completed July 15.

  • Completed July 20.

  • Completed August 4.

  • Completed August 16.

  • Completed August 30.

  • Completed September 6. My bathroom break game!

  • Completed September 13. Completed the touring section with a friend.

  • Completed October 1.

  • Completed October 19. Celebrating the grand opening of PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow, OK. It's a cool nerd haven with about a dozen PCs, 360s, arcade cabinets, a game store, and room for trading card games, pen and paper games, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Completed October 20.

  • Completed November 19.

  • Completed November 28.

  • Completed December 13.

  • Completed December 15.

  • Completed December 29.